Where to eat pancakes in Toulouse?

Le Journal Toulousain offers a selection of brands that concoct delicious crepes in Toulouse. From Breton specialties to gallets to cool off… Here it is.

Where to eat pancakes for Candlemas in Toulouse? CC Nadya Grunau

Creperie de l’Écluse in Toulouse

Just push through the tiny wooden doors of the Crêperie de l’Écluse to immerse yourself in the warm and welcoming atmosphere, located a stone’s throw from the Place Saint-Pierre in the historic center of Toulouse, right where the Brienne canal joins the Garonne. Inside, you can enjoy delicious homemade pancakes made with homemade flour, while warmed by the incredible flame of the Pink City’s signature stone hearth.

Crêperie is one of the places recommended by the 2023 edition of Petit futé. The gastronomic guide describes it as “the address that Toulouse residents pass on word of mouth because of the quality and the welcome it has there”. Don’t fail to fall in love any of the savory pancakes with ham, Emmental, chives, salmon, mushrooms or even cheese. And to end on a sweet note, for example, pancakes with violets.

Practical information: Crêperie de l’Écluse, 7 allée de Brienne, Toulouse. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 12pm to 2pm then from 7:30pm to 10pm.

Pastel and Buckwheat Pancakes

As the name suggests, Pastel et Sarrasin patisserie, which is located very close to the Saint-Sernin basilica, invites you to taste it. pancakes made from buckwheat. Breton flour is gluten free, rich in protein and antioxidants. On the menu: lots of choices original savory pancakes. Such as “Parmesan Serrano” mashed with red pesto and basil sorbet, or even “pencil nuts”, accompanied by butternut mousseline and peanut sauce.

You can also find flavors from the Southwest in pancakes with Toulouse sausage, grilled bacon from the Pyrenees, Tarbais bean mousseline, or even Bethmale cheese. To fully enjoy your taste, sip a glass of cider straight from Morbihan. If you have a little room left for dessert, go for the “classic” crepes with sugar, jam or chocolate. Or for more “gourmet” pancakes.pralines, meringue, salted butter caramel or poached pears.

Practical information: Pastels and Buckwheat, 75 rue du Taur, Toulouse. Open Monday to Friday from 12pm to 2pm, then from 7pm to 9.30pm, Saturday from 12pm to 10.30pm and Sunday from 12pm to 9.30pm.

Shagreen, to lick your fingers

Le Galuchat is also an essential creperie for all foodies. Especially for wide selection of sweet pancakes. As it’s nicknamed “the bounty,” with coconut ice cream, hot chocolate and whipped cream. And that’s not all. You can also enjoy tarte tatin, banoffee and michoko crepes. Or with chestnut cream and poached bananas.

Likewise, the sign located in the university district offers you to enjoy lots of savory pancakes. From “Provençale” with peppers, goat cheese, olive oil and basil, to “Guéméné” with andouille, apples and onions, through “Nordic” with salmon, potatoes and lemon, and “Savoyarde” with raclette cheese and smoked bacon … There is something for everyone. The chef’s goal is simple: “To highlight fresh and local produce bought every morning at the Toulouse market and cooked it in front of customers to maintain the spirit of hospitality and sharing”. Winning bet.

Practical information: Le Galuchat, 40 rue des Lois, Toulouse. Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Lead Brittany to the Menhirs

Wood carvings, triskels, lighthouses, minks and the ocean as far as the eye can see. We almost believe it. In Toulouse, Menhir’s crepe shop takes you on a trip to Brittany. However, once you arrive at your destination, it will be difficult for you to make a choice between the two thirty delicious pancakes savory dishes are offered à la carte. All, or nearly, refer to this little corner of France. The “Gourvennec” galet, named after the former footballer from Finistère, is made with chicken sautéed with onions and Roquefort cream. “Tad-kozh”, which means “grandfather”, combines asparagus, scrambled eggs, and parsley, then “mamm-gozh”, translated “grandmother”, mixes spinach, salmon, fresh cream, and dill.

On the sweet side, too, there is something that catches the eye. The menu includes the same number of pancakes as savory pancakes. Jam, chocolate, honey, caramel, chestnut cream, apples, pears, peaches, bananas and all its variations… We will especially like the crepe with peaches, currant jelly, whipped cream and toasted almonds, or even the apple crepe with Calvados (eau de vie obtained after distillation).

Practical information: Le Menhir, 14 rue du Pont Guilhemery, Toulouse. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 7pm to 9:30pm, and Saturday from 12pm to 1:30pm.

Pancakes in a food truck

The food truck “Tonnerre de Crêpes” invites you to have a taste delicious pancakes prepared with fresh and local produce. Buckwheat and organic wheat flour, for example, are made in Montclar Lauraguais, just half an hour from Toulouse. Here you can choose to eat pancakes on the spot. Or take them on a lunch break, just like at home. Chefs invite you to discover their savory pancakes with salmon gravlax and hummus, with sausage, cantal cheese and candied onions, with greens, feta and almonds, or with raclette, potatoes and coppa. You can also make your own cake.

For dessert, or as a snack, good classics: butter and sugar, homemade jam, lemon, salted butter caramel, spread, chocolate or raspberry couli. The brand advantage is to offer a batch of six pancakes or regular pancakes which you can collect ready made to take home and add your choice of toppings. A handy solution if you don’t have time to prepare your own pancakes for Candlemas in Toulouse.

Practical information: Tonnerre de Crêpes, 36 rue Saurines, Toulouse. Different location every lunch hour, can be found on the website.

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