Gamers aren’t thrilled about this new announcement for a Microsoft exclusive

Game News Gamers aren’t thrilled about this new announcement for a Microsoft exclusive

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The next big Xbox exclusive to come, Redfall was already dividing gamers before its release. Problem ? One of the non-negotiable conditions for enjoying the game, either alone or with other people. A choice that appears to be debated in society.


  • Redfall: sine qua non to play, even alone
  • Redfall: a divisive choice

Redfall: sine qua non to play, even alone

Expected on May 2nd, Redfall games are a console exclusive on the Xbox Series for Microsoft. This release date was revealed last Wednesday, January 25 on the occasion Developer_Direct hosted by the Redmond company. Studio Arkane Austine (behind the 2017 game Prey) seems to have ended its many delays by finally offering a firm date. Apart from that, he also used his visit to this event to clarify a number of things and in particular the need for an internet connection. Repay ? Here it is, from Frequently Asked Questions from the official website:

Do Redfall games require an online connection for single player and co-op modes?
A permanent online connection is required for single player and cooperative modes.

A prerequisite that has not gone unnoticed by the players, who have already complained about a similar requirements for the game Gran Turismo 7.

Redfall: a divisive choice

Indeed, requiring an online connection left its share of dissatisfied but especially divided players. On the one hand, there are those who believe that this condition is not a problem. Their main argument lies in the fact that today our computers and consoles are constantly connected to the Internet. On the other hand, we noticed that some people don’t want to be forced to connect to the Internet for the following reason: if the game dies, there will be no way to access it for those who bought it. :

Does anyone really care about this? It’s 2023, who doesn’t have an always-on online connection?

I don’t understand why so many people in the answer have problems with always being online, they obviously have the internet to be able to answer, so obviously that’s not really the problem, it’s more of a dramatic statement.

Been on my “never heard of” list…now on my “never bought and encourage others not to buy” list. The same goes for other games that try to force an online connection for single player play.

Solo play requires a permanent online connection. The need for online singleplayer resulted in the game’s permanent demise after server downs in a few years. I might remove it from my wish list now.

In any case, the game proposal seems more fun between friends because Redfall is a cooperative shooter that sits somewhere in between Left 4 Dead and Far Crying. Players must exorcise the vampires with their characters, each with unique abilities and customizable weapons to collect according to their adventures. See you on May 2 to put on the gloves, with the release of Redfall on PC, Xbox Series, and on Xbox Game Pass.

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