Benefits of doodling: 7 reasons to do it

This new edition of Red Bull Doodle Art reminds us that this underappreciated art form is timeless – and constantly evolving.

We all met there. You’re sitting in class or in a meeting and before you know it, your mind is racing and you put pen to paper to doodle. But what you may not know is that doodling is a form of expression that survives from our past, and sometimes hints at the future. Our ancestors scribbled on cave walls, and we still do today – with many other opportunities for our scribbles to be noticed.

Creative minds around the world are invited to put their imaginative streaks on paper and register for new editions Red Bull Doodle Artwhere their artistry could lead them to the World Finals in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

How to participate in Red Bull Doodle Art?

  1. Upload your model here and start drawing.

  2. Upload your doodle AND complete the digital form.

  3. Click “Submit” and wait for a confirmation email in your inbox.

Here are some historic moments in the constant evolution of doodles:

Middle Pleistocene Period: Graffiti appears

Around 500,000 years ago our ancestors didn’t have paper, but they did have cave walls and it was during this distant time that some believe the first primitive scribbles – zigzag lines – were made. A pig drawn nearly 50,000 years ago could be the first animal drawing.

Red Bull Doodle Art

© [unknown]

1400’s to 1500’s: The Man of the Renaissance Doodle

Perhaps no better example of how doodling fosters innovation than can be found in the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci’s genius. On the margins, the Italian prodigy wrote the fantastical creations we all recognize as cars, robots and helicopters, long before humans could even imagine them.

The 1900s: Doodling gets real

In the 19th century, doodles became increasingly recognized for their artistry and ability to appeal to the subconscious. Famous artists, from the surrealist Salvador Dalí to the abstract expressionist Jackson Pollack, experimented with doodle-type, automatic drawing, as an exercise in creating art without conscious thought.

In 2012: Doodling took center stage

At the inaugural Red Bull Doodle Art event, students from around the world let their minds go and doodle their improvisations on simple paper cards at the event held on their campus. The best works hang in an exhibition where the winners are selected. The inclusiveness made possible by simple paper-based styling methods has been a success, and will continue to be useful even as technology is introduced to broaden the horizons of participants at the upcoming World Finals…

Close-up of a competitor doing coloring work in Red Bull Doodle Art

All you need is a pen, paper and your imagination

© Fabio Piva/Red Bull Content Pool

In 2014: Doodling goes digital

The second edition of Red Bull Doodle Art allowed 32,551 attendees from around the world to explore their artistic talents, and although the spirit of the event was based on pen and paper, technological innovation came into play for the first time. At the Global Finals in Cape Town, South Africa, viewers at the Global Gallery were amazed to see the finalists’ creations brought to life through stunning animation on digital platforms.

In 2017: Doodling penetrates the next dimension – literally

As part of a new technological milestone, the third edition of Red Bull Doodle Art gave winners from 27 regions around the world the opportunity to practice drawing in virtual reality using Google’s Tilt app for 3D. Then, at the Global Finals held at the Tech Center in San Francisco, California, the talented finalists displayed their doodles in virtual reality, wowing the judges.

2017 Red Bull Doodle Art Finals in San Francisco

2017 Red Bull Doodle Art Finals in San Francisco

© Nicholas Bruno / Red Bull Content Set

In 2023: New link in doodle chain

For 2023, Red Bull Doodle Art combines the next wave of art and technology with the introduction of Web3 and NFT. Any eligible participant who submits their doodle – either online or in print at a local event – ​​will have the opportunity to access a personalized digital collection, and the national winner will receive their artwork as an NFT (unique digital asset).

Red Bull Doodle Art gives you the opportunity to leave your mark on timeless doodle art. You can browse works and submit your own here.
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