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The start of 2023 marks the return of the Journal du Luxe 3.0 broadcast, with the first live broadcast which was held on January 19devoted to Digital Art, in collaboration with Wide Agency and in the presence of many figures from the world of digital art.

Digital Art, the rise of the viral aesthetic movement.

Digital Art came exponentially with the arrival of NFTs, then the Metaverse. While the artistic world is still the work of experts and savvy, digital artists have become one of the pillars of luxury 3.0.

Whether it’s the design of digital assets, the use of new technologies like AI to enhance creation through generative art, immersive experiences that require game design, or even artistic collaboration that proves itself in luxury, artists regain power thanks to Web3.

Many issues are raised and discussed during the live broadcast: exploring the potential of digital art in the luxury of 3.0, leveraging technological tools to expand creative expression, decentralizing digital art and making it accessible to everyone, exploring the new creator economy or even engaging the community.

In light of the news, many brands are getting involved, including Valentino, BMW, and even NARS, which are exploring the possibilities offered by technology and digital art. Not to mention NYX, a brand from the L’Oréal group, which is creative The first beauty DAO in the world to unite creators and artists.

Hence, the expansion of the luxury sphere is continuing its course in the digital realm which is now unfolding in broad daylight, ahead of the coming revolution.

Web3 and AI come to refine digital art and rethink the relationship between artists, brands and their communities.

Web3 and Artificial Intelligence should make it possible to discover what doesn’t exist today in the real world. In the same way there will be access, in the near future, to exclusive experiences in the metaverse, creators using Web3 tools and AI will seek to sublimate and represent what is dream or fantasy.

David Reichman, acclaimed artist and Creative Director at Ogilvy Paris, is a cover writer for CB News creating work with Midjourney. Because of this, he explains how AI must above all be a tool that serves creators and artists, to enable them to do so reset the value of the perceived image in the physical world by reassessing work.

AI and Web3 are thus able to create images in non-existent and interleaved sub-spaces to create a new aesthetic dimension to serve the brand. Thus sublimating the photographic work to reveal hidden features.

Today, social networks make it possible to highlight these new tools and engage entire generations to democratize the artistic world.

Phygital: the key to tomorrow’s adoption.

Artist Léo Caillard has made it a specialty. Originally a marble sculptor, he gradually made a name for himself at court digital artist, until it appears in the top few rankings. He now combines his mastery of physical arts and digital arts to serve his work, but also institutional projects such as his achievement for the NFT drop during the Ballon d’Or ceremony.

Phygital is currently one of the keys to understanding the digital art movement to enable the general public to understand its contours and understand its emotions. NFTs can also be used to authenticate or certify a work, making it possible to establish an inseparable relationship between the work and its owner. This is a path Breitling has explored in the universe of homology, but also fashion brands like Givenchy to attach digital work to physical objects, in this case a bomber jacket custom painted for the occasion.

Giving meaning and use: the role of art in the digital world.

Data through its visualization can become something beautiful and aesthetic“. This is what Antoine de Lasteyrie points out in his column. Returning to several reports from the Wide Agency, the manager provides a vision and use to be made of data by mixing it with art and design to envision future interactions, combining utility and aesthetics.

The state of the art crypto market is clear as Gauthier Zuppinger, CEO of points out:”If the time is no longer for speculation, the trend of NFTs has not yet fallen at the community level“, and the numbers from his analysis confirm this. There is a subtle mix of genres between traditional art buyers turning to NFTs, and “crypto-savvy” interested in art. However, specialists underline, we observe big change between NFT art buyersalthough this crypto arts segment is now the most mature in the entire NFT market.

Finally, Valérie Depincé, presents the new collection from the Renault brand titled “GenR5”, a summary of singularity, modernity and technology for a collection that remembers both its origins but also invites future generations. Collections generated by AI to exude unique rarity traits and variations. The brand’s strategic vision is above all to find a new Web3 audience to conquer and support the cause as a customer.

Find this live replay to keep exploring the boundaries of digital art in luxury 3.0.

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