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#1 | Social media barometer 2023: analysis, advice and benchmarks

In the social media barometer 2023, social listening and social media management specialist Brandwatch provides a comprehensive analysis of the social media landscape. On the program: the latest trends in social networks, benchmarks, insights and advice to support your 2023 strategy. Always very specific and very comprehensive, the barometer analyzes the main brands in 15 different activity sectors: air transport, alcohol and alcoholic beverages, automobiles… A reference document to keep up to date on current or future trends. Influencer marketing is becoming unavoidable: consumers are increasingly disaffected by advertising and consciously and proactively avoid it. As a result, brands are turning to influencer marketing to connect more effectively with their audience. TikTok, an essential marketing tool: still as popular as ever, the social network, which has surpassed one billion users, is now integrating brand marketing strategies to reach a wider audience…

#2 | The 7 Best Strategies to Get More Google Reviews (and Inspirational Examples)

More than 90% of consumers research and read customer reviews before purchasing from stores. Most of them trust this opinion as much as the recommendations of their relatives. And one of the main places people search for reviews is Google. In this context, your challenge is to encourage your loyal customers to leave their reviews, ensuring that Google presents you as a reliable company. This article looks at the main benefits of social proof, and shares best practices for getting more Google reviews.

#3 | Lawmakers band together to fight the excesses of influencers

The excesses of certain influencers have recently surfaced. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has announced the deletion of a series of accounts followed by millions of people, including couple Marc and Nadé Blata, who were targeted by collective action over alleged widespread fraud. The Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention also published a damning study on their business practices.

#4 | 4e French Neapolitan Pizza Championship: Champion Lucien Bruno

During the 4th edition of the French Neapolitan Pizza Championship, which took place in Sirha Lyon, 10 pizzaioli stood out among the 45 registered candidates. The winner was Lucien Bruno, chef at Marinara Pizzeria Napoletana (St-Julien-Les-Rosiers).

#5 | Claude Fischler: “We need to understand and discover new relationships with food”

How has the pandemic changed French eating rituals, which were culturally based on commonalities, and are now marked by individualization of eating habits? The opinion of a sociologist whose research line is sharing and eating together in the era of individualism…

#6 | Strasbourg is the city where we order the most vegan dishes in France according to Deliveroo

Strasbourg is the leading city for vegan food orders for delivery, according to a study conducted by Yougov for Deliveroo. Changes in consumption habits have been supported stronger year on year, now accounting for 11% of catering offerings, also a record in France. The wave, which seemed not ready to stop, was strengthened by the creativity of the Strasbourg chefs.

#7 | Digital Report: digital evolution in the world in 2023

Over the last twelve months, digital behavior around the world has undergone the most significant changes we have seen in years, even compared to “pandemic years”.


  • Major changes in the number of internet users in the world
  • A staggering decline in various aspects of online business
  • Detailed information on the evolution of preferences for the use of social media platforms.
  • The evolution of using devices to access digital content and services
  • Unexpected transformation in online browsing behavior around the world
  • The incredible growth of digital advertising

#8 | Subway introduces the world’s smallest sandwich at 2.2 cm

In partnership with the Taylor Herring agency, Subway invited artist Nadia Michaux who specializes in the art of creating small works of stunning realism and inspired by the Kawaii universe, which are very popular in Japan. In order to properly announce the arrival of Teriyaki fillet steak on the menu of a chain restaurant, the designer had the task of creating the world’s smallest sandwich at 2.2 cm, which is 12 times smaller than the original version. Over the course of two days, he reproduced from scratch a small Teriyaki Steak Sub (which is the nickname given to the brand’s sandwich) in clay where you can make thin slices of meat, tomatoes, shallots, peppers, and melted cheese in the middle. white bread is considered a customer favorite.

#9 | Julien ChauvenetFoodies Dijon, World Burger Champion at Sirha 2023

Julien Chauvenet won the “World Burger Contest” at the International Restaurant, Hotel and Food Show (Sirha) in Lyon. The creator of Foodies restaurant, a burger restaurant and food truck in Dijon, is not his first venture, as he has already won the title of “Best Burger in France” in 2021, but here we are talking about global recognition. The greatest pride of this young chef is being able to win this world title with local products. “I bet on a morteau sausage chewed up, but also mashed with chips and powder. I added veal sweetbreads and blackcurrant ravigote sauce. Everything that appears in this burger is produced within a 50km radius around Dijon. I even wondered at one point if we weren’t so chauvinistic, and that’s what paid off in the end!”

#10 | In the UK, the com campaign resulted in… 25,000 apps in the hotel and restaurant industry

Bonus | Amazon will start charging shipping for fresh grocery orders under $150, starting February 28

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