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Like our dear railroad company, ASSE prides itself on having a few trains running late. For several seasons, Saint-Etienne’s management have dazzled the fans by making late decisions. Lack of solutions, lack of ideas or lack of anticipation? Everyone will have their own idea.

From this lack of response to various issues comes a greater risk than ever of seeing the Forez club sink into oblivion or even anonymity. Saint-Etienne’s staff will even manage to share the main guarantor of green values: the supporters.

Late winter transfer window

While there are still doubts about some signings, the club has looked to strengthen this winter with the arrivals of Charbonnier, Appiah, Larsonneur, Bamba, Nkounkou, Fomba and Pavlovic. The need for reinforcements is explained by the too-cold summer transfer window, in which the club recently opted to save money and capitalize on the “ASSE” name. As a result of the race, the Greens had a large workforce, consisting of players without the level or shoulders for the green tunic (Giraudon, Chambost, Pintor, Dreyer, Wadji, etc.)

By reaching the transfer window this winter, which may not be enough to keep many points behind, the leaders have proven they have the means to recruit. It is only right to wonder about the various reasons that prompted the management to once again show their lack of ambition over the summer, especially in the context of dropping down to Ligue 2.

panic buying

Moreover, the case of Ibrahim Sadiq shows that even in the winter transfer market, the club is being taken by time. Following problems with intermediaries (often affecting the club surprisingly: Mostafa Mohamed, Mbaye Niang, Wajdi Kechrida and now Ibrahim Sadiq), the Ghanaian winger did not sign up for the club. Following the failure in the case, which should have been resolved at the last moment of the transfer window, Stephanois was unable to spare enough time to come up with a Plan B…

It’s still relatively common for ASSE to close their transfer window at the gong. Crivelli, Modeste, Ramirez… What a surprising way to anticipate!

Loic PERRIN during the BKT Ligue 2 match between Saint Etienne and Bordeaux at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard on September 10, 2022 in Saint-Etienne, France. (Photo by Dave Winter/FEP/Icon Sport) – Photo by Icon sport

Complex contract end management

Another problem at this club… the management of player contracts. First, the club seemed unable to anticipate. He may also be missing one of these key players, Jean-Philippe Krasso, from the next transfer window. While several offers have been turned down, notably from Ukraine, the Saint-Etienne leaders are still yet to find a deal for an extension, six months from the end of his contract. As a result, the Ivorian striker can now join a new club freely, without consulting Saint-Etienne’s management, who will then not receive a penny. Frustrated after finding him in N2 and growing up. That question should have arisen when he was loaned out to Ajaccio last season.

Secondly, some of the contracts of players trained at the club raise serious concerns. This is especially the case for Aïmen Moueffek. Although he still hasn’t renewed his contract (ending in 2024), he only has one year remaining in Saint-Etienne’s colors at the end of the season. Considering his current form, it’s likely the club will strike out for him, for a more affordable sum than if he had a long contract. The example of Bakayoko, who was on loan until the end of the season at Le Puy, is very similar to that of Moueffek. When he returns from loan, he will only have one season left on his contract. It could be consistent to extend it before loaning it, to protect it if done in the Haute-Loire (Krasso’s case law).

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Another example of poor management, clubs often offer contract extensions for seriously injured players, such as Gabriel Silva or Yvann Maçon. The first chained injury and the club was forced to let him go this winter to wipe out the payroll. As for the second, the club will turn down an offer of around two million euros from Brest this summer (according to Romain Molina), he is now playing on loan at Paris FC and the player, like the club, no longer wants him. to hear talk of the other.

Gautier LARSONEUR of Valenciennes and Jean Philippe KRASSO of Saint Etienne during the Ligue 2 BKT match between Valenciennes and Saint Etienne at the Stade du Hainaut on August 27, 2022 in Valenciennes, France. (Photo by Franco Arland/Icon Sport)

Tired surrender

Even for a change of coach, the club often waits until it’s too late. While Management had issued an ultimatum to Laurent Batlles, the tactician found himself in turmoil again after a disastrous result left ASSE in 19th place, eight points behind 15th. While he currently appears to be overwhelmed by events, the club still doesn’t appear to want to land him.

Already last year, the club took some time before releasing Claude Puel from his contract. Although the standings rose slightly, the club still slumped. In addition, some strong choices take time to be made at Forez, such as last year’s Kolodziejczak case which chained mistakes and tenures.

Sales are constantly pending

Regarding club sales, the question is the same… Why is it always postponed? It took the drop to Ligue 2 and the excesses after the play-off at Auxerre for the president to finally communicate the sale should have been swift. On the other hand, despite the deepening crisis, the shareholders have been able to allow themselves to be somewhat forgotten and now there is absolutely no question of a potential sale of the club… Maybe they still hope to move up this season in the 1st League?

The constant delays in all the club’s important decisions have put ASSE in serious jeopardy. Despite the nightmare return phase (0 points out of a possible 6), ASSE risks feeling the bad taste of relegation again…

Only one thing is certain, some decisions raise questions…

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