which Samsung smartphone to choose?

Recently launched by Samsung, the Galaxy S23 features exciting new things, but the Galaxy S22 hasn’t said its final word yet. Here are the matches between the manufacturers’ 2022 and 2023 flagships that should help you decide which smartphone to buy.

It’s official, Samsung’s new high-end Galaxy smartphone has finally been unveiled. Of the three models that make up this range, the Galaxy S23 is the most affordable in terms of price and so should experience the same success as its predecessor.
The novelty that the 2023 model brings is not necessarily obvious, but it is enough to please many consumers, as we will see together later, especially since Samsung has an interesting pre-order offer planned.
The Galaxy S22 maintains a solid advantage and, among other things, the price has dropped over the past few months, with a possible acceleration. A special attraction for consumers because the price of the Galaxy S23 has unfortunately exploded, confirming the rumors circulating.

The following is a comparison of the main features of the Galaxy S23 and GalaxyS22

Samsung Galaxy S23 Samsung Galaxy S22
Screen AMOLED 6.1″ 120Hz AMOLED 6.1″ 120Hz
Definition/Resolution Full HD+ / 425 ppi Full HD+ / 425 ppi
Selfie camera (front) 12MP f/2.2 10MP f/2.2
Wide angle (rear) 50MP f/1.8 50MP f/1.8
Ultra wide angle (rear) 12MP f/2.2 12MP f/2.2
Telephoto (rear) 10MP f/2.4 10MP f/2.4
Optical zoom 3x 3x
Processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Exynos 2200
Battery 3900mAh 3700mAh
Fast charging 25W 25W
Connectivity 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0
Sealing / Stiffness IP68 / GG Victus 2 IP68 / GG Victus+
Heavy 167g 167g
Subtleties 7.6mm 7.6mm
Storage 8gb 8gb
Storage capacity 128GB / 256GB 128GB / 256GB

You don’t have to read extensively to see it the changes are not much on the Galaxy S23. What’s important to keep in mind, however, is the ultra-compact format of the phone which is largely related to its modest screen size.

What are the changes on the Samsung Galaxy S23

A new design appears on the S23. The usual photo blocks are replaced with the lens is directly integrated into the smartphone chassis, which is visually more elegant. Therefore, Samsung uses all its new flagships, the elegant style of the Galaxy S22 Ultra that is so popular. The color also changes slightly, white becomes cream, green is paler and pink disappears. Only the black and Lavender colors don’t move.

Figure 2: Galaxy S23 vs Galaxy S22: which Samsung smartphone to choose?
Samsung Galaxy S23 Lavender – Stephanie Moliner Tom’s guide
Figure 3: Galaxy S23 vs Galaxy S22: which Samsung smartphone to choose?
Samsung Galaxy S22 green – Stephanie Moliner Tom’s guide

The Exynos 2200 processor from the S22 is replaced – and this is a first in Europe – by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. Not just any because it’s the 8th Gen 2 that should be the most powerful Android in the world in 2023. Compared to the 8th Gen 1 present on the S22 sold in the United States, Samsung announced huge performance improvements: for CPU +33%, for GPU +44% and for NPU +51%. This will have a significant impact on resource-intensive use, mobile gaming and especially AI-enhanced photography. Note that this year Wi-Fi 6E is supported.

In photos, the front sensor which is used especially for selfies or video calls is improved because it starts from 10 to 10 resolution 12 megapixels and compatible with Dual Pixel technology (more precise focus). Samsung promises significant improvements in portraits, especially in low light.

Finally, the 3700 mAh battery is now replaced by a 3900 mAh battery. A very nice development when you know that the Galaxy S23’s weight and finesse are not affected.

Finally, this year the S23’s screen is capable of up to 1750 nits of brightness. This is as much as in the Galaxy S23 Ultra and it is also a first.

What won’t go away with the Galaxy S22

With the S22 you benefit from the same 6.1-inch Full HD+ AMOLED displaywith an adaptive refresh rate of 48 to 120 Hz than that of the S23.

Figure 4: Galaxy S23 vs Galaxy S22: which Samsung smartphone to choose?
Samsung Galaxy S22 – Stephanie Moliner Tom’s guide

that the rear photo unit consists of the same modules as on the S23 : 50 Mpx wide angle exposed at f/1.8, 12 Mpx ultra wide angle, 10 Mpx telephoto lens for 3x optical zoom.

The battery is compatible with 25W charging like on the S23. Charges that we would like to be faster, but have not progressed.

That the dimensions of the S22 are equally outstanding for their compactness and lighter than the Samsung Galaxy S23.

The Galaxy S22 is available with the same amount of RAM and storage: 8GB / 128GB and 8GB / 256GB.

Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S22: price will be the determining criterion

Meanwhile, the official launch price for the Galaxy S22 is:

  • Galaxy S22 8GB / 128GB: €859
  • Galaxy S22 8GB / 256GB: €909

The starting price of the Galaxy S23 is:

  • Galaxy S23 8GB / 128GB: €959
  • Galaxy S23 8GB / 256GB: 1019 €

The gap has widened ever since the price of the Galaxy S22 fell. They can be found for €749 and €799 respectively and sometimes even cheaper in certain markets.

The only financial argument in favor of the Galaxy S23, Samsung is offering to double the storage for free during the pre-order period, which is until February 16th inclusive. Thus the 256 GB model will be priced at 128 GB, which is 959 €… which is still 160 euros more expensive than the S22 256 GB!

Unless you want the most powerful smartphone out there, a bit more autonomy and some photo enhancements, the Galaxy S22 is still a very good package!

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