Street Fighter League Pro EU 2022: and the big winner is…

News show Street Fighter League Pro EU 2022: and the big winner is…

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As part of STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: PRO-EUROPE 2022, the JV invites you to discover, every Wednesday, a summary of the best moments from the last day of the tournament, as well as the program for the following week.

Day 17 – Final: results

After 17 weeks of competition, England from home MOZ win against France BMS at the end of the Street Fighter League Pro Europe 2022 final. Scramble for victory after being dominated by the classification Mister Crimson and tricolor teammates throughout the second half of the competition which started last October. Despite the good efforts of the French leader, especially against one of the opponent’s star players in the first game played at home, BMS conceded 10 to 30. Same score in the second leg, won by MOUZ 30 to 10 after the anthology last confrontation between the two captains.

Meeting 1 BMS 10 MOZ 30
Battle 1 TKR 0 Brosky 10
Battle 2 Mister Crimson 10 The4philzz 0
Battle 3 Kilzyou 0 ProblemX 20
Meeting 2 MOZ 30 BMS 10
Battle 1 The4philzz 0 Kilzyou 10
Battle 2 Brosky 10 TKR 0
Battle 3 ProblemX 20 Mister Crimson 0

ProblemX so raise the cup MOZ on the one hand, and also the third and final title of MVP given during the tournament on the other hand. For this phase of the playoffs, it was him who stood out, particularly again due to M. Bison’s (Dictator) unparalleled hand handling, and his outstanding qualities as a unifier and coach. Indeed, if the first MVP title has been awarded to Mr Crimson – no coincidence – at the end of the first leg of the Championship, for all his work with Dhalsim and his brilliant work as team leader, it is The4philzzaka “the best Falke player in the world” who was awarded the second MVP title awarded for the Back phase.

Two MVP titles so it fell into hand ‘MUZ, with a nice check of €60,000 for the team, who will represent our continent in the next Capcom tournament between the winners of the European Pro League and the Pro League of Japan and the United States. A double success which confirms that they fully deserve their place against the best team in the world.

BMS don’t go empty handed. The second cash prize reserved for the finalists still allows them to share an amount of €15,000, which is well deserved considering their excellent performances over the duration of the competition.

The best moments from the last meeting

Given his performance, ProblemX was declared the best player in the playoffs. And his team is certainly not to be outdone as England have shown themselves to be stronger than their compatriots every time, as this illustrates. last best moment between Broski (Oro, MOUZ) and TKR (Chun-Li, BMS). Broski won there and back.

Final rating

Lifting the trophy, ProblemX can be proud of the progress made: “I feel so good, my team has been amazing across the league,” he said, a big smile on his face. Throughout the tournament, the EVO winner of course demonstrated that the master M. Bison was, until further notice, him. Special mention goes to the “third man”, Broski, who in all these shadows hasn’t been given enough credit for his handling of Oro. The damage is repaired, and the cup is across the Channel.

Old favorites, their enemies, BMS – and the public – will believe in victory to the end. Besides Mister crimson’s talent, we can admire Kilzyou’s skills with Karin and of course TKR with Chun-Li, even against Valmaster. The perfect asset that naturally led them to the final.

Rank three standings 00Nation left with public pride and an impressive team image, among other things for its star players, Phenomenon who knows how to stand out and bring back loads of points to his team. As discreet as it is efficient and somewhat unpredictable, the 100% Nordic team stood out before its final showdown in the semifinals against the champions, MOUZ. A challenge brilliantly taken despite England’s win, thanks in particular to Rikemansbarnet who was able to hold off ProblemX.

The fourth thief this Playoff, the team GO, led by Luffy, doesn’t fail to give us a quality show, as does his every participation. See you next time!

MOZ 345 points.
BMS 335 points.
00 NATION 255 points.
GO 220 points.
GAME REASON 130 points.
Wild Blast 70 points.

And now ?

Street Fighter League Pro EU 2022: and the big winner is...Street Fighter League Pro EU 2022: and the big winner is...

Who will MOUZ find in the world championships? When Squad 8 Great Fresh off being crowned for the J-League on January 21, the results of the currently buzzing pro US Street Fighter League won’t be known until February 4. To support european championstay connected via the link below.

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