Gers: magic, glitter and music for the cabaret at the Choucou ranch

The only cabaret in Gers is in Monferran-Savès on the Choucou farm. Country food followed by a unique and colorful show can be found every Saturday from 7pm.

It was 6:45 pm on the Choucou farm, in the town of Monferran-Savès, and about twenty people were waiting in front of a building, between the barns and tractors. Coming from all over Gers and sometimes from far away, they wanted to spend an authentic evening while attending the “Choucou show”. A unique cabaret-like performance in the department initiated by Michel and Céline Touron, the owners of the farm.

“We have a place, we also have a room so we decided to use it. People are quite satisfied and he often tells us: “there is no night like this in the department”, explained Michel Touron. Before the door opened, everyone was busy in the room. A large room, with beautifully decorated tables and a stage ready to welcome its artists, was ready to welcome about fifty people in all.

Singing, dancing, acrobatics and magic are interspersed that night.

In the locker room, five artists were preparing for the show which lasted around 1h30. But in the meantime, let’s eat. And as for the menu, you don’t have to look far because everything is, or almost is, produced on the farm. “The idea is to offer something qualitative, good, healthy but without leading the way,” explains Michel.

In a small room, backstage, Anaïs, Thimothé, Marie and Lucile prepare to perform. Mirrors, costumes, lights, makeup: nothing is left to chance and we really believe in it.

Indoors, we’re already serving dessert, a great start for Timothée who will open the show by offering a magic trick number in the room. “I’m going to do what we call a ‘close-up’, it’s close-up magic. With cards or small objects, it allows you to interact with the public and is generally popular, ”he explained. And the bet seemed to work for this Perpignan who moved from table to table to the applause and amazement of the audience. Back to the locker room, changing clothes and final preparations for the artists and their leader Valheme.

Valheme provides performances with musical interpretations throughout the evening.

Valheme provides performances with musical interpretations throughout the evening.

This Toulouse artist with many hats is responsible for the artistic direction of the show but is also a composer, performer, choreographer etc. “Céline and Michel gave me complete power, in a few weeks we managed to create something extraordinary with each other amazing artists,” said Valheme. And the Choucou farm doesn’t skimp: costume rentals, sound, light, and a professional photographer to capture it all.

Family and friendly atmosphere

Dancing, singing but also acrobatics, burlesque and magic is offered by the company “Duo 2 la Fenêtre” consisting of Anaïs and Timothée. All of them are part-time players and everyone knows how to count on each other. “It’s great to work here, there’s a family atmosphere, everyone gets along well, there’s no pressure and we take advantage of that,” says Timothée. “And we eat well! added Valheme with a smile. The latter knows how to motivate his troops and he doesn’t have his tongue in his pocket.

The artists rehearse in the late afternoon before the arrival of customers.

The artists rehearse in the late afternoon before the arrival of customers.

At the end of the meal, the artist enters through the kitchen. Surprising appearances to the astonishment of people, sometimes from the other side of France. Indoors, three tables are celebrating a birthday. The situation didn’t escape Valheme, who encouraged a ditty to please those concerned.

At 9:30 p.m., under a puff of smoke and a cheery soundtrack, the dancers perform. Like in a cabaret, the show is guaranteed.

To order formula on any of the dates up to April, call 05 62 05 56 85 or 06 84 23 90 71. The calendar and menus can be found on the farm’s website. To find Valheme activity, go here and for Windows Duo 2, go to their website.

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