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We owe Dave Attia for attracting over 7 million viewers with 8 musicals. We owe him The 10 Commandments, Criminal, Go with the wind, Sun King, Mozart opera rock or 1789 Bastille lovers. But since 2015, he is no longer involved in musicals. Today he announced his big comeback with Molière’s Urban Opera. I don’t want to repeat what I’ve done, explains Dove Attia at RTL. I see a little bit of the world’s performances and I see there’s a new form, a new way of doing musical comedy. Previously, in musicals there was an alternation of text and song “words”. In Molière’s city opera, we will do as in the opera, meaning only a series of songs … we tell the action, but while singing. There is emotions that I didn’t have before in my old shows. And this new form of musical comedy makes me want to do it again.”

Molière was the first feminist in history

Attia dove

Molière, l’Opéra Urbain is therefore a musical journey in urban colors that takes us back to the 17th century, a great period in history marked by the emergence of great writers and French literature. “I am an absolute fan of the character, said Dove Attia again. From his work and also from his character. What is remarkable is that everyone knows about Molière’s work, but very few people know about his life. And her life is extraordinary, extraordinary. This is a novel that combines a story of love and adversity. That’s someone annoying. She was history’s first feminist and history’s first star. It’s here first time there was a star. Everyone knew Molière, when there was no television.”

Molière, Urban Opera tells the story of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, a man of extraordinary destiny who leaves comfort and safety to live his passion and love.
A man who would revolutionize comedy writing and who will learn to face the hardships of his many enemies by denouncing the failures and hypocrisies of a frozen society.

Troop consisting of singers, slammers, rappers, comedians, musicians and dancers in period costume thus bringing to life Molière’s extraordinary presence on stage.

Winner of “The Voice” in casting

Directed by Ladislas Chollat​​(Oliver Twist – musical and oppose by France Gall), and choreographed by Romain Racheline B., nearly 40 singers, actors, dancers and musicians will tell the story of Molière’s fate on stage. Breaking her habit (no stars), Dove Attia will sing, slamming the 2020 edition’s big winner Voice :
Abi Bernadot in the role of Prince de Conti, first cousin of Louis XIV. He would initially become the patron of the Molière Company then after his conversion to radical Catholicism one of its worst enemies. In the role of Molière, we will find out lonpsi. Self-taught passionate about music, Lonepsi is a singer-songwriter, rapper and pianist.

Molière is a genius

Attia dove

“Molière is really modern,” continues Dove Attia. Plus, we’re going to play some quotes from Molière’s work and when you say Molière’s text with rhythm and you slam it, the results are amazing. The best rappers don’t get any better than Molière! This is the greatness of the French language. And when you think that he wrote a play in two weeks, this man is a genius. And Molière is a very modern man. Look at the coin, it’s amazing. Take Girls school, it was the first feminism, whereas women at that time were subject to their fathers who chose their husbands. In the Molière girls school there claiming a woman’s right to choose her husband, the right to desire, to pleasure. With Ridiculous Precious, he criticized society. With Tartuffe, he attacked the Church at first with the king’s blessing. After Louis XIV the coward and there, he will volley, a lot of enemies. And there, profound Molière, Molière who would become a suffering genius”.

Molière’s city opera

Credit: Molière’s urban opera

For his children

Molière’s city opera will go down on stage in autumn, the set is being built. 2 months of training are already scheduled for this summer. And then ? “Will this be the last? The magic of Dove Attia, I don’t know. I’ve rebuilt my life. I have very young children who have never seen my show. It’s also a bit to them that I do. They don’t “I don’t know what I’m doing. So if they like it, and say ‘Daddy, you have to do it again’, maybe I’ll do it again. But I only go when I’m inspired. If it weren’t for Molière’s idea, I don’t think I would have gone there”.

See you on November 11, 2023 on the Dôme de Paris stage. A ticket office is open on site Moliere, Urban opera

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