At Gruchet-le-Valasse, video games of all generations are honored on Sundays

A day dedicated to video games: this is exactly what Normangeek’s association with Sunday Gaming has to offer. On February 5, 2023, more than 50 consoles will be collected in the Claude-Laplace room in Gruchet-le-Valasse.

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“It’s a first in Normandy”, convinced the president of the association. During Gaming Sunday, more than 50 video game consoles will gather in the 600 m² Claude-Laplace room in Gruchet-le-Valasse on Sunday 5 February 2023. And all of these consoles belong to the Normangeek association, created by Jean-Paul Mrozinski . “This is a unique event, it’s rare for an association to bring together so many consoles without calling in a brand or sponsor”, explained the founder of the association.

Several generations

The goal is not only to attract good connoisseurs, but also curious families. The €3 price is fully embedded in this accessibility. “When I was a kid, I didn’t go to conventions, because outside of Paris there were no conventions, and they were expensive. Since then, I’ve collected a lot of consoles and I wanted to make a share according to my interests.” testify this collector.

For Jean-Paul Mrozinski, one of the key words from this meeting was “intergenerational”, he really appreciated seeing parents play games from their childhood with their little ones. “We introduce them to old games, and they can go crazy for an hour. They don’t just love Fortnite,” said the president of the association.

Tournaments around the game Fifa 23 will be held as well as other surprises. Information and times will be announced on the event’s Facebook page. The refreshment bar will allow players to eat on the spot.

Another convention in Normandy

The Normangeek Association is famous for the Gruchet Geek convention which gathered nearly 8,000 people over the weekend of 2022 for its 5th edition. This event is now being piloted with the Mozaïk room, once every two years. Therefore, the next edition will take place in 2024. “I’m always trying to find something new, says Jean-Paul Mrozinski. I have many ideas. All of that takes time, but with experience, you know how to do it.”

Another event is expected in Normandy for lovers of the then geek culture. Jean-Paul Mrozinski has launched several conventions for the coming months. On February 25th, the Monti geek convention will be held in Montivilliers, at the Le Havre conurbation. As in Gruchet-le-Valasse, this event is organized with the city’s social center in mind. “I led sessions around video games there and I had an idea for a convention to share my passion. We will have great posters with The French voices of Mario (and Detective Pikachu or even Deadpool), The Rock and Moe in the Simpsons”, emphasized Jean-Paul Mrozinski, president of the Normangeek association.

In April, Dieppe’s geek convention will be unveiled, in June will be the turn of the 2nd edition of Bernay’s geek convention. Last year, this event was interesting “about 3000 diners” in Eure, especially with Harry Potter’s French voice. Finally in November 2023, the first Barentin geek convention will in turn be held. “I was in a place where not many video game fields and universes interested me. After the Bernay convention, two others were created, organized by other enthusiasts. It moves territory, notes Jean-Paul Mrozinski.

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