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Annoyed and told to make people dream with the future circus

Fly 14 meters over the ring in the “Resistance” wave or move in levitation in a dreamlike story: artists from all nations play miracles by changing the circus code to write the code of the future. Created in 1977, tomorrow’s World Circus Festival, in Paris this weekend, is a cosmopolitan cultural broth where professionals from the sector come to pick up new innovative talent, such as Cirque du Soleil, the symbol of the circus “reinvented” since 1984, without using animals. Burlesque twenty years ago, today’s circuses have changed a lot. why +. And we can also evoke memories of something”, told AFP Alain Pacherie, president for twenty years du Festival. For its 42nd edition, this world reference for c asteurs selected 24 issues out of 320 applications. An international jury awarded the Grand Prize on the day Sunday to the French trapeze artist “La tangente du bras tendu”, in front of the Ethiopian Kolfe troupe (Icarian game) – also a public prize – and French artist Quentin Signori (air rope) left with a contract in hand.”The trend of the new generation is not just for practice but to speak to the world through their art and convey a certain important message to them”, underlines Pavel Kotov, international casting director of Cirque du Soleil (1,300 artists from 57 countries), who cites as an example a number borrowed from grief to evoke the pandemic period The no-show Covid. dimension for the impressive side and to make people dream”, notes the flying trapeze artist of “La tangente du bras tendu”, the big winner of this 42nd edition. The company, based in Alès (Gard), presents a number entitled “The Resistance”: eight men and women perform a stunning acrobatic stunt 14 meters above the ground, dressed in gray, without rhinestones or sequins, accompanied by music from the 1940s and throwing leaflets.” This is a show that talks about propaganda, totalitarianism, dictatorship. We did this long before the war in Ukraine but unfortunately it’s still relevant”, says one of the trapeze artists, Jérôme Hosenbux. Exceeding oneself remains at the heart of the circus artist’s project. With his body, by changing shape into inconceivable ; with innovative devices, such as a pendulum pole attached to a string or even a reflecting ring; with new techniques such as gravity. Arthur Cadre had the “crazy idea” to mix dance and levitation, in magic numbers with the mantle. Derived from breaking, this architect’s training was driven by a desire to “take risks, escape the code, always push something further.” . “And I just put a small element to excite people and they start imagining things”. – “Political circus” – As it never stops to reinvent itself, the circus – was born on April 4, 1768 in a modern version of the brainchild of a cavalry officer Britain in red – surviving c rides and bans, especially the recent animal ban.The legendary Barnum Circus, which quit in 2017 after being pressured to remove elephants from its shows, was reborn this year.”When we asked our audience at United States, who they miss from our universe, they replied that it’s not animals but gems happy sharing moments and dreaming together”, said Giulio Scatola, casting director at Barnum, who came to the Festival to “surprise”. For Pascal Jacob, circus historian and artistic director of the Festival, “circuses exist because at some point, we brought people together around victorious, enchanting and moving human performances, animal or not animal” “Yesterday’s circus was an equestrian circus, if you’re a purist. Which today more and more society welcomes it. And the circus of tomorrow will be – we would paraphrase Malraux – political or not”, he summarizes. “One of the artist’s strong tendencies is to mess with code and take the audience somewhere else in truly extraordinary ways.”sc/pa/dch

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