Sadek Djemaoui, singer and artist: “Music gives me a lot of joy, but also bitterness”

I am not one of those knocking on the media’s door to talk about me. This acknowledgment is imbued with bitterness, but one that refers to the human personality and the artist, intact and dignified, yields nothing to his principles and the values ​​of humility, equanimity, generosity that are his trademark, are not his mark. about any disappointment, about surrender in the face of adversity and the destructive environment in which artists in Algeria are immersed. But it is rather a kind of expulsion of the soul, inner lamentation, it seems deaf, but how heavy is the meaning and contains the underlying message conveyed by this singer with an attractive voice which is the precursor of the popular song to glory. national football team with timeless hits, stainless Djibouti ya laouled who ignited the stadium during an official National Eleven game. We met him by chance. He gave up El Watan in this express interview, while promising, later on, to share with his loyal fans his ups and downs, without shadows, with an introspective and lucid look at his career as an emotionally rich artist with civic commitments that are inextricably linked to the life of the artist.

What happened to Sadek Djemaoui, translator of a cult song about the World Cup national football team? Gijon Djibouha ya laouled who rocked the Algerian stadium and continues to do so today, 41 years later? You disappeared from the media room. Why ?

I’m still here and as productive as ever. Ouch, lately there has been a decrease in artistic activities, so I am one of those artists who seems to have disappeared from the arts scene. As for your second question, I’m not one of those knocking on journalists’ doors to talk about me…

Since your hit you’ve stayed behind in this niche, but there’s no shortage of sporting events involving the National Eleven since the epic on Spanish soil?

This question should be asked of sports officials and event organizers, but I am an unrestricted track leader.

What do you think of the national football team’s glorious anthem that lit up the stadium during the National Eleven competition in terms of text and music?

There are young singers who have done their best to bring joy and cheer for the national team, on the other hand, there are also those who sing for the public…

In your musical repertoire, you have a reputation as a singer of texts, you sing not only for the atmosphere, but also and most importantly to convey a message, to provide civic education. your artistic life is it impregnated by the guru that you are?

Of course, I sing almost all subjects, but educational themes occupy a prominent place in my artistic repertoire.

Can we live today in Algeria out of our love for songs, music?

This passion for music brings me a lot of joy but also bitterness. It’s true, I haven’t won a lot of money, but on the other hand, I have the respect, consideration and appreciation of the Algerian people and all people, outside our borders, who have always appreciated with the same encouragement of sincerity. and the fidelity of my artistic production.

There’s an unknown aspect of you, your second passion: writing. Can you tell us about it?

Indeed, I have another passion, namely writing. I am currently working on a political sociology essay Humiliation and excesses of the Westwill be published soon, aiming to become universal community radioscopy.

It is a cry from the heart to these self-proclaimed educators, fighters for democracy and guardians of the universal defense of human rights values ​​but with selective conceptions of the practice of democracy. We are offended, we are angry at the several improvised missiles fired from the occupied Palestinian territories towards the Israeli border towns and we are silent about the daily attacks, the vicious repression, the deaths of Palestinian civilians, the destruction of property, the desecration of land. Al Aqsa Mosque.

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