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Library / Instrument lending, VOD, a new platform for free access to the press: the Lyon city library is underestimating its customers, who have almost all returned after the Covid crisis. 2022 overview and new developments for 2023.

The loan was opened yesterday and in two days about fifty instruments came out entrust Nicolas Galaud, on January 25th. Five harmonicas, a dozen guitars (classical, folk, electric, folk), darbouka, banjo, organ, amps, synthesizers found takers and takers over the course of six weeks and there are also those who have booked several times continued the director of the Lyon City Library, who prepared an offer that has existed since 2015 in Toulouse and Cherbourg, but remains scarce elsewhere in France. One day, maybe there will also be a working studio. This will be one line of thought for the next public space renovation project at the Part-Dieu library, where a long silo renovation is coming to an end.

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Another innovation in this place that just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary: ​​an art library for young people with illustrations to take home for two months. And it can get people’s attention! The director estimates that half of Lyonnais over the age of ten are patrons of the city’s library.

This huge ship, stationed opposite the Part-Dieu station, lost its charm. If by 2022, the Lyon city library finds half of the number of visitors missing since Covid (2.6 million in 2019, 1.4 in 2021 and 1.8 in 2022), it is especially the district library that benefits from this return. They even sometimes get visitors according to Nicolas Galaud who observed the importance of their proximity to the public and the fact that they could walk there. Bachut, Vaise (which will be renovated in 2024) and Part-Dieu saw higher-than-average dips in visitor numbers in 2022. Nonetheless, Customer levels are almost back to normal. 10,000 prs: 130,000 loyal in 2019, 120,000 today and the loan amount has returned to 4 million (compared to 4.2 million three years ago): fewer customers came than before, but still made as many loans as possible .

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VOD credits

In order to adapt to new consumer habits, this cultural institution that is most frequently present in the City of Lyon also launched a video-on-demand platform at the beginning of the year. It’s not Netflix or Amazon that’s just for individuals, it’s the Arte VOD, Univers Cin, Gaumont and StudioCanal catalogs. In total, nearly 8,000 cinema films, documentaries and shows are available for purchase on a “chronodgradable” basis, according to a credit system. Each subscriber has five per month and two credits are debited to him depending on whether the film is very new or not.

DVD support is not going away from the shelves, however, 20% of Arte’s offerings are even in the library according to Nicolas Gallaud, but the Covid crisis has seen DVD lending drop more than any other medium minus 30% as books increase he noticed, people don’t have DVD players anymore, nothing on new computers, we were thinking of lending some as we already loaned out vinyl turntables.

Access to digital books is not yet part of the library’s offering, this project has been postponed until the Lyon Metropolis conducts studies for the creation of a digital portal that will allow each of the 59 cities to have access to it.

Lastly, the press is always available online for free. It is no longer Cafeyn but PressEnBib who is the new supplier, following a tender call. In the “digital” tab of the library site, with your identifier, 775 titles are waiting for you! A small treasure consisting of 31 national and regional dailies, 39 regional weekly press titles and more than 400 magazines (from Mag Bike Science and the futurefrom Technique rusticafrom So Foot SoFilm). Remember that subscriptions do not exceed 18 per year.

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