Edible stories from Marie Yuki Meon

Paris, 10th arrondissement. Amid his books, prototypes, and countless tools, the culinary creative tests his recipes, considers his counterparts, sketches his scenarios. For him, ingredients and food are creative tools he shapes to craft stories to watch and taste.

It all started on Tokyo, where Mary came from. In a country where food is revered, he immersed himself in flavors and flavors and developed a passion for food early on. At the age of 18, he moved to Paris, studying architecture and interior design at Camondo, then worked for ten years as a retail designer for luxury homes (Dior, Chanel). He discovered French cuisine, which opened up possibilities for him, mix and complement each other. He then finds a way to satisfy his passion for cooking by arranging “secret dinners” with his colleagues and their best friend. In their apartment, once a month they even welcome their acquaintances “people who know people we know”. Word of mouth works, people come and come back. Marie spent her Friday and Saturday nights cooking, the boys clearing the living room to set up sets, the vibe. Spurred on by this dynamic, he left his post, graduated CAP in cooking and trained in leading Parisian bistros, such as Stolen Glass Where At sea. In 2016, he founded eating out, his multidisciplinary cooking studio. He started his activities with catering and in-house dinners, did consulting for restaurants and, at the same time, kept several interior design projects in hand, notably by signing Italian restaurants. Roberta or trendy toddler. “Creation for me is something very globalMaria explained. It was important for me to keep both activities as long as possible to be inspired by one to do the other.” Currently, her work only revolves around food. He gave advice, went on culinary residencies, accepted editorial projects, which allowed him to push his creativity even further. We still remember his altar of bread Isabel is cute. “I’m always trying to find new ways to approach food, which then permeates all my activities.”, said Maria.

For us, he reveals the extent of his creativity through a real dinner. “I copied the freshness we seek in summer through jelly, which we eat a lot in Japan, in pastel colors. I prepared broiled grilled fish, mouclade style, rolled in shortcrust pastry with a clam coaster. I’d like to suggest a tea ceremony, where you always have something sweet to offset the bitterness of the matcha, so I imagined sugar crystals, cut like emeralds. It’s like every time I work, I create a painting that tells a story.This process he took from Japanese cuisine, not only for the taste but also the way it is served. “I think of my plate as micro-architecture, like some Japanese restaurant trays where everything is very orderly, with the fermenting on one side, the cooked on the other. I find it very interesting to communicate also through clothes.Full of desire and curiosity, Marie recently added a new line to her personal menu, launched MM Edition, which features grocery deals, such as their granola. “I want to offer items that I use frequently in the kitchen, which are also preparations that I share with my friends when I make them myself.The small batch of delicious food would grow, soon with the all-natural wine cuvée he prepared with a wine-growing friend from the Loire. Apart from that, he produced the first two series of glasses together with two glass makers from Murano. Attracted by Italy and especially by Venice, he signed the realization of another dream, combining the essence of his desire. Passionate and charming Marie.

semolina cake


1 liter organic pure milk

100 or 150 g of brown sugar

1 vanilla pod

150 g of fine semolina

lemon peel

Decoration: candied fruit cut according to inspiration.

  • Heat milk over low heat in a saucepan, add sugar, stir.
  • Separate and scrape the vanilla pod, add it to the hot milk.
  • Add the fine semolina in the rain, while stirring constantly with a whisk to avoid lumps forming. Let it simmer for about ten minutes. Add whole lemon zest.
  • Moisten the mold, then pour the hot mixture into it. Let it cool to room temperature and then put it in the fridge.
  • Just before serving, unmold the cake, then garnish with candied fruit that was previously cut and selected according to inspiration.

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