E3 2023 without Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox? Alarming news

Game News E3 2023 without Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox? Alarming news

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Three major video game industry producers will consider leaving E3 scheduled for next summer.

Whereas E3 will return to the “classic” formula. promising a massive in-person convention, it seems Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony can opt out

New kind of E3… no constructor?

From June 13-16, 2023, Los Angeles is hosting E3 again face to face, four years after the last “classic” edition of the event. In the 2020, pure E3 and just got cancelled because of the pandemic, in 2021 the show has taken place but exclusively onlineand in 2022 it has been canceled again. This time, the ESA has announced for sure the show’s return for the second week of June 2023. If the show ever gets to be held again at the Los Angeles Convention Center, it will is organized in a slightly different way, since the British company Reedpopknown for hosting PAX events, New York Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration every year, will host E3 2023. Reedpop has made it clear that he wants one launched a new kind of E3and work with ESA for set the record straight for a show that has lost momentum and popularity in recent years. is no builderwill definitely be the “new kind of E3″…

Xbox, Sony and Nintendo will not be participating this year

He ign which discloses the information, resulting from several sources close to the media. According to them, neither Xbox, nor PlayStation, nor Nintendo have plans to go to E3 2023. PlayStation has opted not to participate in 2019, which did not fail to surprise at that. It’s certainly less shocking news today, after not only that several issues were cancelled, but mainly a change in direction in communications in our industry.

From now on, producers (and increasingly publishers) organize their own shows, sometimes physical and sometimes only online. Xbox has announced after its Developer Direct that a the “annual showcase” will take place this summer in Los Angeles, but not to mention E3. Therefore it may be necessary to expect a Xbox – Bethesda Conference, mainly featuring Starfieldin between E3 itself.

As for Nintendo, the manufacturer has developed its Nintendo Direct format well, and could do without E3 this year. Usually The Japanese manufacturer remained at the exhibitionbut it looks like this time even this presence is questionable by IGN source. Especially since The Nintendo Switch is nearing the end of its run and builders don’t have to have a lot of big games to present this summer.

Therefore, Sony and Nintendo can be content with broadcasting live on their end, maybe in between E3, if they have anything to show off. However, one thing is certain for IGN sources: neither of the three producers will be at the event.

E3: a show that’s too expensive, one that doesn’t let you stand out, and… not very well organized this year?

There is several reasons that could lead manufacturers to avoid E3. The most obvious is a living room like this very expensive for exhibitorsand the return on investment seems to be a lot less profitable than when you just promote your game and console in a streaming conference. Then, as we have said, the living room itself is losing pace in recent years. This is vicious cycle, as more and more major players leave E3, the more it loses its popularityand because of that more other actors will tend to leave it, etc.

Also note that this creates several years that the ESA has suffered criticism, formulated more or less openly, by certain players in the industry. is Sony has avoided E3 2019, some rumors claim it’s partly due to disagreements with ESA about how it was highlighted in shows and during conferences. By organizing their own events, the developer/publisher does so without anyone’s approval, and avoid the direct comparisons that occur after the event mixes everyone up like E3.

Finally, pay attention to it this edition in particular seems to have a lot of problems. According to an IGN source, ESA was frustrated after some mishandling, according to the organization. The sources cited above claim that several former main organizers of the event have left ESAleave new Reedpop organizer responsible. The latter was also criticized by one media source. According to him, Reedpop will lack clarity in its organizationand that’s worrying.

It’s unclear whether the organizers at Reedpop knew what they wanted to make with E3, which is a bit odd considering Reedpop does a great job with PAX twice a year. Organizers should know how to perfectly manage an event like E3. (…) Who knows where the real problem is coming from: is the ESA responsible? Are there any concerns on Reedpop’s part? There’s been real enthusiasm surrounding E3 from game publishers, not having a lasting solution to the smooth running of the convention is incredibly frustrating.

this summer, so look forward to E3, Summer Game Fest, indie conference from certain manufacturers and/or publishers, and possibly another side event at E3. After all, we imagined it editors will take their time before confirming their presence at the California show, waiting to see what their counterparts do.

Source : ign

E3 2023 will be held June 13-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We’ll find out in a moment if the builder confirms what IGN’s sources say: their absence.

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