Travis Bennett and Sam Jay in this star-studded comedy

ComingSoon editor Tyler Treese spoke with You People stars Travis Bennett and Sam Jay about the Netflix film, which is now streaming. The duo discussed the possibility of shooting with Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill, as well as the value of their work on a star-studded cast.

“The new couple and their family find themselves examining modern love and family dynamics amidst clashing cultures, societal expectations and generational divides in this Kenyan Barris comedy,” reads the film’s logline.

Tyler Treese: Travis, so Eddie Murphy plays your dad, you even got an IG bio as “Eddie Murphy’s son”. I can’t imagine getting any better than that. How real is that casting and Eddie Murphy calling you his son?

Travis Bennett: Great. It’s like a childhood dream to work with these people. So I think for me it’s all about taking it all in and trying to be as present as possible which is completely impossible because you’re nervous and anxious all the time and trying not to get it wrong. But it was an experience I could never have again. Also, it was like my first big film, to me. I’ve done a few movies, but this is like the first film where I feel like that kind of family is created here, and I feel like I’m a part of it.

Sam, you were great throughout the film and your friendship with Jonah Hill was incredible. How natural is this chemistry? Tell me about working with Jonah?

Sam Jay: It’s very natural. I’m a huge Jonah fan and like, the first day we did that early podcast scene, among other things, I just asked fans direct questions. I was like, “Dog, I have to ask you this. I regret. I was like, ‘What’s your favorite role you’ve ever done? And like, “What’s that?” He’s cool, just cool. Respond to me like we’re friends just chatting. So that really translates into cross-screen as we enter the role. So it’s very natural.

Travis, as you mentioned, this film’s cast just stacked up. When you become an actor, how rewarding is it to be around all these great stars and talent and learn first-hand from them?

Travis Bennett: Oh, it’s worth it. It’s like joining a basketball team with a bunch of veterans and they just show you the ropes. So for me, I feel, especially early on in my career, to experience this early on is just amazing. So many things I learned, I don’t know, you would expect some of these people to have egos, but they didn’t, and they were there to do a good job and have a good time. And I think that what really attracted me was the joy of all the players, especially the ones with a lot of experience like me.

Sam, the scene on the podcast is hilarious. Is it all just the two of you riffing on each other and going off together?

Sam Jay: Yeah, mostly riffs and stuff. They gave us a lot of room to play, to try, like, “Hey, have fun, make it yourself.” So we rummaged through things. We riff, we riff a lot

Travis, the wedding scene at the end was like a blast with everyone celebrating. How to film this? Are you even playing or just having fun? How are you ?

Travis Bennett: In between. You’re having a great time and you realize you’re shooting a scene and it’s really hot in the room. I can’t lie, it’s like the hottest physical space I’ve ever been in. But we had fun and especially for me, that was the end of shooting for me. So it’s a great way to end the big time with everyone.

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