The Last of Us: Tess fans know the bad news

Game news The Last of Us: Tess fans know the bad news

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The third episode of the HBO series The Last of Us has just been released, but it’s the game Naughty Dog that has been impacted by today’s news. We’ve just learned some bad news about the actress who, before Anna Torv, played the character Tess.

The Last of Us: originally there was a trio

In the 2013 released on PS3 The Last of Us, an action and adventure game developed by Naughty Dog, the studio behind Uncharted. The tone is very different from the adventures of Nathan Drake, because the title immerses us a world ravaged by a fungus that transforms humans become a terrible zombie creature. Ported to PS4 from 2014 and remake for PS5 in 2022, The Last of Us was a huge success thanks to its narrative and now cult characters. We clearly found Ellie and Joelthe cult duo, but also the entire gallery of characters, friends, partners in circumstance or foe, that marked their advance toward the West.

The Last of Us: Tess fans know the bad news

One of the first characters we use is Tess, a smuggler with which Joel somehow survived the military quarantine zone in Boston. This duo has a bad reputation, and theirs precedes it. These two characters inherit a a very special mission, which is to retrieve Ellie, a teenager with a strong character, at the other end of the country. This task is entrusted by the Fireflies, a resistance group that is fighting against military control and is everywhere looking for a cure for the pandemic. Therefore, the first hour of play is with Joel, Ellie, and Tess, who seeks to advance outside the quarantine zone to surrender the teenager to a group of Fireflies. If, in the series, it is Anna Torv that embodies Tess, this doesn’t happen in the game like it should Merle Dandridge (Marlene).

The actress who played Tess in the game has left us

In The Last of Us first names, the role went to Annie Werschingin which series fans can find it 24 Hour Chrono, Star Trek, The Rookie, Timeless or Vampire diary. Unfortunately, we have learned recent disappearance from actress, died of cancer at the age of 45 and left her husband and three children. The reaction was not long in coming, like it’s from Neil Druckmannco-creator license and adaptation by HBO.

I just found out that my best friend, Annie Wersching, has passed away. We just lost a beautiful artist and human being. My heart is broken. My thoughts go to his loved ones.

The Last of Us: Tess fans know the bad news

Fans, The Last of Us website, and thousands of others have also submitted my condolences on social networks. If only appearing in the first game, the character of Tess has marked the players who seem very happy to see her played by Anna Torv in the series. In order to support Annie Wesching’s family and loved ones during this very sad ordeal, actress Ever Carradine (24 Hour Chrono, The Handmaid’s Tale) is ready a cat, who has raised over $128,000 at the time of writing these lines. We know specifically that Annie Wersching was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2020but he wants to protect those around him by keeping his information private.

Annie lives for her family. She loves her job and values ​​her friends, but Steve and the boys are everything to her. Go Fund Me is for them. This is so Steve can have time to grieve without the stress of having to work. So he can be a dad to Freddie (12), Ozzie (9) and Archie (4) as they navigate a future without their mother, without their sweet Annie. This is so they can continue watching baseball games (Go Cardinals!), taking music lessons, and playing little league.

This is also to help pay tuition fees. This is how Steve was able to continue Annie’s tradition of filling the house with life-size balloons that would fit in the car for the birthday party. This is to give them time to live the life of a family of four without having to pay medical bills or funeral expenses. Everyone loves Annie. Each person. But even though we love him dearly, he loves his boys even more. Let’s help take care of them for him. ❤️

Our thoughts are obviously with his family, friends and colleagues.

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