The Galaxy S23 destroys the iPhone 14 in these 7 key ways

Even though Samsung hasn’t officially launched its next flagship, the competition between the Galaxy S23 and iPhone has started to heat up. Well, that’s a given. Even though the Galaxy Unpacked event is only hours away, we know all about what the next lineup will actually bring.

Yes, most of the hype will be about the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is likely to have stiff competition from the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. But not everyone will get a high-end device.

Instead, most are looking forward to the competition between the standard Galaxy S23 and the current standard iPhone 14. And thanks to big leakwe have valuable information in this regard.

Samsung Galaxy S23 vs. iPhone 14

The leaker compared the iPhone 14 and Galaxy S23 in 7 factors. Now, as far as comparisons go, it really isn’t that far off.

And if you’re aware of previous device leaks, you probably already know how much better the standard Galaxy S23 is compared to the iPhone 14. Still, let’s dive in and see what the leakers really have to say.

A15 Bionic vs Custom Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

As confirmed by previous rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S23 will ship with a dedicated Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC. And as you know, the iPhone 14 is powered by the A15 Bionic chipset.

Let’s not forget that we took a close look at how the Galaxy S23 chipset dominates the Apple A16. Even though it’s under GPU testing, CPU performance isn’t that far off.

The current Geekbench score for iPhone 14 is 1740 for single core performance. And it scores 4711 on multi-core performance. And the Galaxy S23’s recent Geekbench scores show the SoC score of 1566 on the single-core test and 5176 on the multi-core test.

So, even though the single-core performance is a bit weak, the S23 beats the iPhone 14 in multi-core performance.

Galaxy S23 triple camera setup vs iPhone 14 dual camera setup

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra gets the biggest camera upgrade yet. And while the standard S23 retains the same configuration as the Galaxy S22, leaks have revealed that Samsung will indeed offer an upgrade.

Even if the improvements aren’t that noticeable, you can’t forget that the Galaxy S23 comes with a 50MP main, 12MP ultra wide and 12MP telephoto sensor. In comparison, the iPhone 14 has two 12MP cameras. One is the main sensor, while the other is ultra-wide.

iPhone 14 dual camera

On paper, the Galaxy S23 has more megapixels and one more sensor than the iPhone 14. Now, you could say that more megapixels isn’t always better. There’s no denying that a larger megapixel camera will provide better details.

Also, the S23’s large sensor can produce better low-light shots. And from what a recent marketing poster has shown, Samsung is going for Night mode. However, if Samsung incorporates some nifty computing magic, the Galaxy S23 is sure to be a much better camera phone than the iPhone 14.

No optical zoom vs 3x optical zoom on the Galaxy S23

Apple does not include any kind of optical zoom on the iPhone 14. However, it does offer 5x digital zoom. Still, optical zoom is much better than digitally cropped zoom. And the good news for the S23 is that it comes with a 3x telephoto sensor. This will enable the device to better offer enlarged images.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera zoom

Even if you don’t consider the optical zoom capability, the Galaxy S23 will offer up to 30x digital zoom. And that’s 6 times more than what Apple has to offer with the iPhone 14.

60Hz OLED screen versus 120Hz OLED screen

Apple saving a higher refresh rate panel on its standard model is nothing new. And sadly that hasn’t changed with the iPhone 14. Despite having an OLED panel, the display is still stuck at 60Hz, 120 Hz OLED, which would be noticeably faster.

1200 nits brightness vs 1750 nits brightness

Currently, the standard Galaxy S22 display peaks at 1500 nits. And Samsung should upgrade the display from the standard S23 which can increase the brightness level up to 1750 nits.

Galaxy S23

Now, in case you didn’t know, the iPhone 14 maxes out at 1200 nits. Again, this is where the iPhone 14 will lose to the Samsung Galaxy S23 in terms of numbers.


The iPhone 14 comes with 6GB of RAM, while the Samsung Galaxy S23 will ship with 8GB of RAM. Yes, this difference in RAM is not enough to tell you which device is better at multitasking. And it’s not that the iPhone 14 is bad at handling lots of apps or resource-intensive apps.

1675080908 793 Galaxy S23 destroys iPhone 14 in these 7 key ways

Still, having a bit more RAM makes this device future-proof. So this is another factor where the Samsung Galaxy S23 leads.

3279 mAh battery vs 3900 mAh battery

Battery life is a factor that Samsung has been tracking for a long time. The iPhone 14 outperformed the S22 by more than an hour in a battery test conducted by Tomsguide. However, things might change with the Galaxy S23 as it is expected to come with a big battery.

Galaxy S23 standard

Conclusion on Galaxy S23 vs iPhone 14

There’s a lot more to the comparison than just the specs. And since the Galaxy S23 isn’t out yet, there’s no telling you it will outperform the iPhone 14 in real-world testing. However, Galaxy Unpacked is only a few hours away. So you can expect to get a real comparison soon. Stay here!

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