One Piece Odyssey: Collector’s Edition on PS5 is back!

Good news plan One Piece Odyssey: Collector’s Edition on PS5 is back!

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He is back ! The biggest fans of the anime or manga One Piece are excited because newcomers can finally get the collector’s version of One Piece Odyssey on PS5! Out of stock recently, back to the Amazon with games, bonuses, and amazing Luffy and Lim statues.

One Piece Odyssey Collector’s Edition is back on Amazon

Temporarily out of stock, the PS5 collector’s version of One Piece Odyssey is back, enough to heave a sigh of relief for fans of the series on the floor. This giant bundle returns to the Amazon with very interesting components in games or decorations IRL.

To fully understand, a small comparison of the possible versions of the game. For the standard edition of the game you will have to spend €69.99 for PS5, but it is also possible to buy the Deluxe version for €94.99. The latter of course includes the base game (digital version only), but also the upcoming DLC, cosmetics included in the Deluxe Package (clothes for Usopp and two little gems) and 100,000 Berries.

Therefore, a very popular collector’s version is available on Amazon for € 159.99 in the PS5 version. It includes everything included in the Deluxe Edition, but also the armor book, three postcards, a statue of Luffy and Lim (230 x 210 x 210 mm), a collector’s box as well as a gem gem and a Small HP Conversion Gem for use in game.

Purchase the PS5 collector’s version of One Piece Odyssey for €159.99 on Amazon

The perfect collector’s edition with incredible Luffy & Lim figures, and epic gameplay

Released in January 2023, One Piece Odyssey is a new adaptation of the famous manga by Eiichiro Oda Made in Bandai Namco after One Piece: Pirate Warriors and One Piece: World Seeker. Developed by Japanese studio ILCA, it offers players a wonderful immersion in the One Piece universe, both from a visual standpoint and from a sound environment.

This is a fighting game, and our test is formal: the tactical aspect of the game is very interesting, original battle animations while the xp system loses what frustration it gains in passion. It is enough to spend hours in a world borrowed from piracy involving many characters such as Luffy, Lim, Adio, Usopp or even Chopper.

Strong point

  • A beautiful immersion in the One Piece universe
  • Interesting tactical aspect
  • battle animation
  • Sound environment (music, voiceover, etc.)
  • Frustration free xp system

Weak point

  • Too many HP bags
  • Dispensable puzzle
  • Constant back and forth
  • Not the best Eiichiro Oda story
  • Redundant and tiring in the long run

As you must have understood, One Piece Odyssey is not without flaws. Overdone and not very rhythmic, risks leaving some players (especially those who are not familiar with JRPGs) behind. But still, thanks to its interesting universe and clever combat system, the game holds up well. Bandai Namco have found their way with this title, which is to date the most complete and daring adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s work. The room for improvement is good but the formula is quite convincing. All that’s left is sticking around to give us the best One Piece experience for years to come. Meanwhile, One Piece fans have something to start the year off in style and have fun in Odyssey.

Purchase the PS5 collector’s version of One Piece Odyssey for €159.99 on Amazon

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