Disney+: Movies, series, releases not to be missed in February 2023

news culture Disney+: Movies, series, releases not to be missed in February 2023

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After January was marked, among other things, by the new season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the Disney+ platform has revealed the list of new features it is expecting to have in its catalog for February. What movies and series can’t be missed in the coming weeks? We present the program here.

ExoMars, mission impossible

From his origins to his future deeply compromised by world events, discover how one of the space program’s most extraordinary projects became what is arguably “the greatest failure of the conquest of space”. On February 8, director François Pomès will explain to us at “ ExoMars, mission impossible » the bottom of an extraordinary space adventure, designed to enable us to find out whether, yes or no, the planet Mars has harbored life. This documentary looks back at the last two decades lived by women and men of various origins who saw their hopes dashed last February when the war in Ukraine dealt a fatal blow to the ExoMars mission. Nothing was overlooked, from technological difficulties to completely unexpected economic, health and political crises. Among the many speakers, astronaut Thomas Pesquet helped us understand the issues surrounding this project which ended up being a nightmare for everyone who participated in it. It’s been a crazy bet since it was made in the early 2000s that the European Mars rover project may not be completely dead because according to Thierry Blancquaert, head of the ExoMars mission, scenarios are being studied to lead to a possible launch date in 2028, in collaboration with NASA. We will find out more by watching ” ExoMars, mission impossible on February 8.

  • Available February 8th on Disney+

Wu-Tang: An American Saga (Season 3)

Disney+: Movies, series, releases not to be missed in February 2023

Series Wu-Tang: An American Saga is approaching its grand finale and in February subscribers to the Disney+ platform will finally know its conclusion. The third and final season is slated for February 15 and the series will then be available in its entirety.. If you don’t know him yet, know that he tells the true story of the Wu-Tang Clan based on two books: Wu-Tang Manual and Tao of Wu. This American style success story begins in New York amidst the crack epidemic, in the early 90’s, while Bobby Riggs (aka RZA) is trying to rally a dozen young black men torn between music and crime. The series is certainly about their crazy rise, but also the hardships they had to overcome and the relationships that brought them together. as “Klan brothers”. What will be their place in the music market? You’ll find out by watching the entire series and especially the finale which is expected to start February 15th exclusively on Disney+.

  • Available February 15th on Disney+

Shadow Prey

Disney+: Movies, series, releases not to be missed in February 2023

Winter 2023 not cold enough for you? No problem, the Disney+ team has planned to chill your blood with this fantastic thriller that you should watch without kids under 12 around. Shadow Prey is an American feature film released over two years ago in the United States under the title Night House. Directed by David Bruckner (Rituals), it is placed through the eyes of a woman who finds herself brutally isolated after her husband suddenly disappears, living away from everything in a mansion by a lake. But one day, The young woman realizes that the nightmares that have been preventing her from sleeping are becoming more and more real, manifesting themselves through visions of disturbing ghosts… She then decides to muster up her courage by rummaging through her late husband’s belongings, but the secrets she will discover risks haunting her even more. Scheduled for February 17 in the Disney+ catalog, Shadow Prey featuring actress Rebecca Hall (godzilla vs kong) and promises to be a pure concentration of mystery, sorrow and revelation.

  • Available February 17th on Disney+

Forest call

Disney+: Movies, series, releases not to be missed in February 2023

Born from the captivating imagination of the writer Jack London (white fangs), stories about Forest call While it may be known to everyone, it continues to be the subject of new film adaptations to dispel the legend. in 2020, director Chris Sanders decided to call on actors Harrison Ford and Omar Sy to revive the myth Forest call on the screen, and this results in a poignant film that offers us a breathtaking view of a great white hell. The turbulent story of the dog Buck, who was brutally torn from his home to become a sled dog in the harsh Yukon wilderness of Alaska is still going strong, especially because it also took place in the context of the gold rush of the 1890s. Disney+ Catalog will host this adaptation Forest call from 24 February. Note that this film has managed to pass the one million admissions milestone in France in 2020 and combines live action and animation to allow actors and animals to interact as naturally as possible.

  • Available February 24 on Disney+

Welcome to Doug’s: Carl’s Date Night

Disney+: Movies, series, releases not to be missed in February 2023

New episode of the animated short film series ” Welcome to Doug is expected on February 10 on Disney+. If you don’t know what it is, your revision of the classic because Doug is none other than the name of the dog Carl, the old man who touched us so much in one of the most beautiful films from the Pixar studio: up there. Launching in 2021, series” Welcome to Doug will be hosting new episodes in February centered on the hit duo, with a story that this time will leave the attention of the Golden Retriever dog a little more to focus more on its master. Entitled ” Carl’s date “, this new short film written and directed by Bob Peterson (who also voices the dog on VO) begins when Carl Fredricksen agrees to go out with one of his friends. Problem : she realized very quickly that she had absolutely no idea how to act on a date and that he can only rely on the advice of his dog… The release of this episode on February 10 will reveal this short animated series recommended for the whole family.

  • Available February 10 on Disney+

Other programs will follow

  • Chief vs. Wild – February 1 Disney+
  • Philadelphia (seasons 8–15) – February 1 Disney+
  • Cool Attitude: Even Colder (Season 2) – February 1 Disney+
  • predatory lineage – February 1 Disney+
  • The Great North (season 3) – February 1 Disney+
  • All in heart – February 1 Disney+
  • We Are Now (seasons 1-3) – February 1 Disney+
  • The Incredible Yellow Yeti – February 8th Disney+
  • Wild Destinations: Central America – February 8th Disney+
  • holy curse – February 8th Disney+
  • Where is Soldier Dulaney located? – February 15th Disney+
  • Mira, Detective Royal (seasons 1 and 2) – February 15th Disney+
  • Death on campus – February 15th Disney+
  • Prime time – February 15th Disney+
  • Into the Roots: Hair Stories – February 15th Disney+
  • Milla in the multiverse – February 15th Disney+
  • Korea: Place Your Bets (Season 2) – February 15th Disney+
  • J-Hope in a Box – February 17th Disney+
  • Divorce Anatomy – February 22 Disney+
  • 911 (season 5) – February 22 Disney+
  • revenge through love – February 22 Disney+
  • Africa: life and death (season 4) – February 22 Disney+
  • Net of Death – February 22 Disney+
  • Baritone club – February 22 Disney+
  • Putin & Zelensky: Two men at war – February 24th Disney+
  • Bruised to the soul – February 24th Disney+

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