Brest. Expo Urbanes, street art for women

Urban – street art is an uninhibited collective exhibition to be found in an art gallery Comodia in Brest until April 1, 2023. Recognized as the first gallery street art in Brittanyshe decided to highlight ten women artists whose work is displayed both on the street and on gallery walls.

First the theater then the cinema, the building Comodiahallmark of 1940s architecture, became an art gallery in 2019. The white and gold backdrop is now home to Urban – street art, a group exhibition for women. Different in their technique and approach, but all from urban culture, the artists presented until 1 April 2023 share a common love of art and creation in urban spaces.

Women’s street art exhibition in Comodia incomplete without the presence of a stencil artist Miss Tic, one of the great artists in the gallery. Died in May 2022, as a poet and visual artist, she was a key figure in the street art she started in 1985. Her strong and provocative woman is imprinted on the walls and facades of the city, accompanied by sharp, yet poetic phrases. The gallery pays homage to him with the stencil “To seduce the passion to play and be played”.

Words from small fish rarely illustrated and derived from artist impressions, which he annotated daily in a notebook. Coded from phrases found on museum walls, it combines a typographical aesthetic with offbeat subjects that make you relax and smile, and carefully selects the walls where it will appear. He returned to Comoedia with a new one punch line always powerful and surprising.

You may have seen the work of Same Lao if you have visited Dédale, the ephemeral place in Vannes. In a superposition of colours, the artist adapts themes from academic painting, such as nude, chiaroscuro and motherhood, which he reinterprets with his own sensibilities. Her aerosol creations mainly represent animals or portraits whose soft features move with sincerity. He manages to capture the raw and spontaneous expressions of being, both human and animal.

The street art scene is known for its diversity. Among historical movements, “graffiti writing”. Known by a pseudonym Miss K, which he shot in 1998, the artist was able to establish himself in this male-dominated movement and become one of the best graffiti artists of his generation. He aligned with the interventionists, his action taking place during the day in urban spaces, unlike most graffiti artists who produce at night. Inspired by English calligraphy, his round, colorful letters dynamically ripple across walls, a way for him to get letters out of academics that can exist in the form of tags and graffiti. He presents to the gallery his paintings combining letter “writing” and mathematical formulas.

Several sculptures will also be on display at the exhibition. Along with new sculptures on raku (an enameling technique developed in 16th century Japan), the first resin hip-hop dancers from Bretonne Melanie Bourget showcased in the gallery, frozen in its realistic, dreamlike motion. Stephanie Kilgast challenges us with his sculptures advocating a colorful future without men. Obsessed with hyperrealism, inspired by nature, his creations are impressive in their thoroughness and detail, colorful little artistic treasures. In this ode to plants, since 2017 he has questioned the link between human activity and the environment.

The gallery’s iconic artist meets new. On the figurative side, Julia Forma and Foufounart each developed art where women are queens. Self-taught painter and muralist Julia Forma expressing in moving paintings, sometimes in color, sometimes in black and white, his respect and admiration for women. The result is a smooth body figure that fills geometric shapes. The curves of the silhouettes intersect with geometric shapes, like a cubism composition, and dance across the canvas in a pictorial movement that is both gentle and powerful at the same time.

Artist and collagist Foufounart storming exhibition halls with colorful and variegated vulvas consecrated in grand old frames or antique plates. ” In contrast to the male attribute, which is far more present, the vulva is veiled, covered by proper posture, even radiated radially from the female body. said the artist. A fact that is proven when we remember biology textbooks where the female reproductive organ is just a black line… Through his bold works, Foufounart reminds us that the struggle against male domination in art and society is still relevant.

On the abstract side, Miss M and Caroline Derveaux compose musical creations based on shape, color and motion. The first uses materials, textures, colors and geometry as sources of inspiration. The dynamics of the composition is close to kinetic art and evokes the idea of ​​\u200b\u200btime. The second thrives in the world of painting and geometric abstraction. Whether on canvas or on walls, painting is Caroline Derveaux’s way of inscribing her emotions in geometric compositions with pops of color rising from the supports.

Urban – Street Art – From January 12 to April 1, 2023.

Comoedia Gallery 35 rue du Château 29200 Brest

Open Thursday to Saturday from 2pm to 6pm and by appointment.
Every Saturday: guided tour of the exhibition at 9.30am and 11am, €10
Online registration on the site

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