The best ensemble comedy films to watch for a good time, rated

There is no greater joy than sharing a laugh at a comedy film with your loved ones. Everyone’s giggles and giggles overlapped, causing a cacophony of giggles and sobs – nothing could be better. Comedy, while not generally considered the highest art form in film, has retroactively been among the most beloved films. Comedy is very time-centric, as jokes reflect the world they are born into, so funny films age the fastest. It is all the more surprising that a film can stand the test of time and be funny long after its release.

One popular subgenre of comedy film is the ensemble comedy, and for good reason. Good comedies are filled with funny people (think Will Ferrell), but ensemble comedies are filled with a bunch of funny people. It’s a great way to maximize your fun potential and get the best joke percentage. This type of film takes many forms, from romantic comedies to dramas to animated films, but there’s something more important: how we feel about them. Comedy has to give us a good time, so that’s all that matters. Either way, here’s our list of the best ensemble comedies that deliver a good time, ratings.

10 Everyone Wants Some!!

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While Dazed and Confused might have been an obvious choice for the Richard Linklater-directed ensemble comedy, Everybody Wants Some!! is a highly underrated successor to that film. Reflecting on Linklater’s time as a college baseball player and centering on a group of sportsmen in the 1980s, this film was a turbulent time. The cast is full of star actors with solid comedic skills who were just emerging at the time. Stars like Glen Powell, Zoey Deutch, Wyatt Russell, and Tyler Hoechlin all had laughs, while lead actor Blake Jenner provided some much-needed pathos at the same time. If you’re looking for a good non-committal time while watching movies, nothing beats this. The vibe is pure, and it will make you nostalgic for a time and place that has nothing to do with you.

9 Office space

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What is there to say about Mike Judge’s seminal workplace comedy that hasn’t already been said? Upon its release, Office Space was something of a dud, but has since become one of the most well-known examples of cult classics. Following three workers in a beautiful and oppressive office building as they seek to rebel and seek revenge on their bully boss, Office Space has long been considered one of the best comedies of the 90s and made for one of the most quoted films ever. time. If someone asks you if you touched his stapler, know that he’s probably referring to Stephen Root’s character in this film. This film is sure to please anyone who has ever had a boring boss or worked all day in the back of a cubicle.

8 Tropical Thunder

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While not without his complicated reputation, it’s hard to see Ben Stiller’s 2008 satire of Hollywood prestige and actor vanity as anything more than an accomplishment. Carrying career performances from Stiller himself, Jack Black and Robert Downey. Jr. is an accomplishment in itself, but making a truly funny film on the side is something else entirely. With a film like Tropic Thunder, the chances of it feeling exploitative or unpalatable are pretty high. The fact that Stiller and Co. managing to do something that perfectly knocks Hollywood down and doesn’t exploit its cast, crew, or core arrogance in any way is something to celebrate. It’s also just a funny movie.

The 7 Best Shows

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There is no better director to bring together hilarious actors and comedy legends than comedic impresario Christopher Guest. His Best in Show 2000 film, like most of his films, was a mockumentary that followed the contestants on a dog show and all the ridiculous hijinks that went with them. With a cast list as long and varied as this one, it’s hard to imagine anyone finding this anything other than downright hilarious. The cast includes names such as Jennifer Coolidge, Eugene Levy, Parker Posey, Catherine O’Hara, Fred Willard, Jane Lynch and John Michael Higgins. If you like goofy comedy and a bit of bite, there’s no better destination than the world of Best in Show.

6 A League Apart

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Any film that lands in the top three actors with Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, and Madonna is automatically considered one of the most standout comedies of all time, but it certainly helps that A League of Their Own is also quite fantastic on its own. Director Penny Marshall told Dering that “it’s a strong female film, which, you know, we don’t have now, and we didn’t have either in 1991”, which also includes what makes this film such a great addition. to this list. While most ensemble comedies are male-centric – like most sports movies – this one lets the girls have fun and get dirty with the guys. It’s quotable, great fun, and timeless.

5 Heralds: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

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It would be a sleeper list that sticks if the Will Ferrell and Adam McKay collaboration isn’t on any list of the best ensemble comedies, so due diligence is done here. Anchorman is a near-outmoded inclusion, but rewatching the film will remind you why it was one of the most beloved comedies of 2000. Ferrell, alongside future superstars like Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell, captures the male character – the child antagonist but on purpose. McKay’s ironic creation is the perfect cast. None of this complicates the fact that this film is one of the best comedies of all time, and any lack of inclusion here would signal a dire situation. If you haven’t seen this film, or haven’t seen it recently, go ahead and watch it. It will be a good time for everyone.

4 Josie and the Pussycats

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An under-discussed and unseen gem of the early 2000s, Josie and the Pussycats deserves all the attention it never received. Boasting career-breaking performances from the incomparable Tara Reid, Rosario Dawson, Alan Cumming and Rachel Leigh Cook, Pussycats is one film that should be a formative film for many. Not only is it a fun rags to riches bundle, but it contains some of the most ingenious scenery gags and meta elements of any film before or since. There’s nothing hypocritical about this film, as it wears a big heart on its sleeve. You don’t need to know anything about it other than the fact that you’ll be humming all the songs in the movie in your head for weeks after watching it.

3 Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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Another undisputed classic of the genre, the British sketch group Monty Python and their take on the Arthurian legend of the Holy Grail is one for the age. Everyone at a certain age has their favorite Monty Python and Holy Grail moment, whether brought to you by your parents or older brother or whoever – this is one of those comedies that everyone in the world can remember and cherish. There really isn’t much to say about it other than the fact that the bridge troll scene is still one of the funniest sequences ever filmed.

2 bridesmaids

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The first collaboration between writer (and, in this last case, star) Annie Mumolo and Kirsten Wiig, Bridesmaids was one of the hits that defined an entire generation of comedy. There hasn’t been a female-led studio ensemble comedy of this size or prominence since A League Of Your Own, so acknowledging that film alongside film is extremely important. Bridesmaids are responsible for launching the careers of so many of the next decade’s most famous and beloved comedians, and for good reason: these are hilarious and endearing. Wiig, Mumolo, Maya Rudolph, Ellie Kemper, Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne make up one of the greatest ensemble casts of all time, and there’s no denying it. If any guy reading this has never seen this movie out of fear that it’s a “girls movie”, pull yourself together and watch it ASAP.

1 Hot and humid American summer

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The best ensemble comedy of all time came out in 2001 to very little acclaim, its reputation only growing with time. With a series of Netflix revival shows bringing the film back to center stage, Wet Hot American Summer enters the acclaimed comedy cinematic canon in some ways, but not all. Wet Hot is the most imaginative, goofy, heartfelt, and hilarious film ever made. All of the other films on this list have had massive casts, but none beat 2001’s Wet Hot. It starred Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd, Michael Ian Black, Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, Ken Marino, Janeane Garofalo, Christopher Meloni, Molly Shannon, Joe Lo Truglio, H. Jon Benjamin, and many other lovely people will cause a stir after being in this film. Nobody expected this film to be a cult classic, but it is, and it’s amazing.

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