Rapper Driver is presenting his book “I was there” at the Food Society this Friday night

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Journalist Paris Driver defended his new autobiographical story this Friday night “I was there for 30 years in the heart of rap” In Lyon. Accompanied by journalist “Ismaël Mereghetti”, co-author of the book, rapper/journalist Sarcellois lent himself to the promotional game. Live from the live broadcast on the platform Twitchhosted by Lyon media GambettaTV and co-led by the association Big Stack Zikthe night starts and ends with music.

Frédéric Driver released his autobiographical book in March 2022. Nearly a year later, the rapper, journalist, producer, and true reference in the hip-hop world has played the promotional game. Together with his journalist friend and book co-author Ismaël Mereghetti, Driver answers questions from journalist Yohan Samake and Antoine Biancar from the media GambettaTV. During nearly an hour and a half of debate, explanation and answer, the rapper from 95 answered questions from a fairly shy audience and made several book signings. “I was there” still for sale. The evening starts at 19.30 and ends with music until 23.00. After podcasts, radio, a dozen media, 5 albums, the creation of his music production company… It is through this 300-page book that the artist reveals himself.

“I was there, 30 years in the heart of rap”

It’s straight from Food Society and broadcast on the Internet via Twitterh is the opportunity to return to just solid Drivers. Following the release of this book, Driver has also revealed first-hand, many anecdotes about the rap industry and violent music more generally, lively moments with artists in Paris or Los-Angeles, the underbelly of his recordings and album production… Forty-somethings have agreed , again, for looking back.

“69 pelo tricks”

This is how Driver greeted his compatriot from Lyon as soon as he took his place on the plateau Food Society. Barely fitting, the artist has already relaunched the Lyon-Stephanois debate by explaining that having just stepped off the train that took him from Paris to Lyon, this gourmet tasted Lyon’s cake “praluline gallet”. Alpha, the host and founder of “big stack zik” has not failed to show the Parisian rapper that he has his foot in the endless debate. Which made the Parisian laugh. After some introductory question by Alpha, the Gambetta TV team goes into the analysis of the book. Driver explains his approach by: What I did today I did back then », about its relationship with journalism. Indeed, the artist has always been regarded, from his first music in the early 1990s, as the photographer/journalist from his hometown: Sarcelles.

Driver, a true journalist in the field, produces a podcast on his YouTube channel “Route avec Driver”. Here, he studied rap in the South American city of Memphis.

Here he is the process that led him to write an autobiographical book. This project resulted from several months of writing. Ismaël Mereghetti, journalist for radio Mouv’, also working for rap media Booska’P, returns to their working relationship: ” We actually have 2 stages. The discussion stage then forms a story told by a character that makes sense then in the afternoon: We have exchange sessions of 4.5 hours, sometimes up to 6 hours a day. Then, the first month and a half of rewriting then a few weeks of finalizing it “. The driver also tells about this unusual process: “ I’m not someone who naturally goes back to my own stories. The book is his chance. Looking back, I tell myself that I could have handled certain situations better. This book is a great assessment of my career. Now is the perfect time. It’s been 30 years “.

“Being happy doesn’t always have to be number one”

If the book ever gets lost, the Parisian duo don’t forget to remember it this format is a pretext for remembering who the Driver is. After YouTubee, radio, cinema, more sustainable formats need to be exploited: “ We all know the sound of the driver. By writing in the first person, the idea is to have the same vibe of writing, with the wrong style. We want it simple. We don’t want to exclude anyone. I want us to have a tone where when we read, we hear it. Enough verbal. describe Ishmael. Alpha, from the ‘big pile of zik’, then asked him a question: ” it’s almost a popular request ?”, given the expectations of society. What are the key stakeholders answering: I don’t find my life interesting. I never wanted to write a book. I tell anecdotes on the radio and I find myself included in these anecdotes. I received a private message from the editor wanting me to develop these life moments“. Therefore, this book is a long question for the driver. After all the internet that rap has – and has taken – this book project put his career to paper. A form he did not take lightly. That’s why he called the best photographers in the world of rap make the cover: Fifou.

“I was there” book cover by Driver. Credit: Tristan.

With a ‘DEA spun Mexican cartel’ vibe, the cover depicts a Driver sifting through all the memories that built him up. Interested parties develop: I am there “, he said while looking at his friend who sat next to him, “ I have to put up the photos while I was there and where are others also where I am not. Fifou proposed this idea to me, which I think is absolutely crazy. Then, in the end, I found it was good Ismaël did not fail to share his vision of the cover: “ He looked towards everything that could live him. The driver is a travel vector in rap. He embodied it all “.

One of the many anecdotes from Driver’s book “I was there”. Credit: Tristan.

A therapy book

Driver also returned, after several inquiries from the public, about his love of the west coast scene (g-funk, gangsta rap, editor’s note) in the US and in France in particular. The rap journalist is cash:” American rap gave the weary, French rap followed “. Although he explains this quite easily in his book with hindsight and experience; and that he spoke about it openly this Friday night, Driver isn’t used to expressing himself, into so much money. This big guy of a good meter 90 explained that he was a rather modest person. The form of the book may be complicated task tells the story : “II’m not a writer, that’s why I need Ishmael”. He remains a rapper. An environment where the codes are confidence, the absence of doubt and fear must build credibility. He denies representing this part of the ‘rap game’. This book style exercise is a real challenge for him : ” I had moments of weakness, people would recognize it, I became vulnerable with this book. Until the exit I was afraid. I doubt it, I don’t think it can attract or please people. I think it’s bullshit “. Then he reassured the audience present in Food Society : “dFrom the first feedback on social networks, I saw that what we are doing is good “. More than a book “I was there” is a real psychic session, where the Driver conveys something he has never done before. A real breakthrough for him” Today, by talking to people I love, it’s easier for me to talk about my weaknesses “, before adding:” Thanks to the book, I can say that I am bad “.

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