MUSIC: “Sweet mystery” the new title of the Dijon duo, Les Yeux d’Olga

Océane Pochodaj and Guillaume Fankhauser, for the duo “Les Yeux d’Olga” have just released a new title in live session. The charming mood for this song is written in verse form to find clips or love all over the place.

“To kick off the new year, we are pleased to announce the release of our new title, sweet mystery, in a live session. This is the message left by the duo from Dijon on social networks in early January.
The loyal public of Océane and Guillaume can’t wait for the release of this new title. No one really knows what his musical trends and themes are. Les Yeux d’Olga is above all a Pop Electro universe, with several folk tunes where the artist’s voice has a central place in each title. The themes covered in French and English are about ecology, life choices, relationships about shared well-being, friendly and romantic relationships, but also about sharing.

Met the duo Olga Eyes

You write text on a love background

Ocean : “It’s mainly the inspiration of the family, more precisely my father, who has a slightly more poetic soul. In fact, since childhood, I have been immersed in this atmosphere, hence the idea for this love poem. In the text I really highlight love in a broad sense, universal love. Not only love between people but love everywhere, for nature, animals. I want to express the power of love. Show the power he has to change everything or nothing. And besides, to better understand the meaning of the text, we have translated it into French in the description of the video on You Tube»

The intro gives another dimension to the title

Guillaume “This is an intro with a chorus that is doubled by our voices. I also doubled down on Océane on the backing vocals, giving it a slightly shamanic, slightly bewitching edge. In this somewhat pivotal setting of a song written in verse form, I blend electro drums, synthesizers, and electric guitar at the end of the title.

Clip directed by a Dijon native

Guillaume “Yes, Yann Charliquart who has played in several rock bands. He founded his own label, Lacerta Production, where he makes videos and produces shows. Especially with Yann we will soon be making a second record for another title.

Ocean : “We’ve been staying at home a lot, in the studio and on eventual compositions in the last few years. With this clip we want to show that we can also do live, on stage. That’s why this clip differs from the previous ones with a livelier edge and rotational motion around us. The scenic backdrop also allows us to maintain this closeness so that people feel the involvement that we both have.

Scenes and more new titles

Guillaume : “We are currently working on an EP, but we are also considering how and when the best time to release it is for it to be well received by the public. After all, we don’t want to do anything. We are also thinking very seriously about how we will appear on stage more often. We want to give another dimension to our duo. While other titles will be released in February. It’s going to have a lot more of a folk sound, a bit more of a guitar sound. And this time I’m going to have the main song because I’m at the origin of the text which is a declaration of love.

Norbert Banchet
Photo: Olga’s eyes

Olga’s eyes on the stage

– February 20 at the premises de la République office in Dijon
– April 27 at the Bistrot de la Scène in Dijon
To enter the duo community click here: Olga’s eyes

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