Yan Sommer. “Next flight, I’m the goalkeeper of Bayern Munich”.

Switzerland goalkeeper Yann Sommer reflects on his turbulent early days at Bayern Munich. “I hid everything around him,” said the new goalkeeper of the most successful German club.

Yann Sommer: “Sportswise, this club is very attractive.”


After two 1-1 draws against Leipzig and Cologne, the 34-year-old from Basel took some time to make his return to this spectacular transfer. “For me it has always been clear: FC Bayern is still a big challenge that I want to face with my family. Sportively, this club is very attractive,” he explained to Keystone-ATS.

Sommer also spoke in the interview about his new Bayern boss Julian Nagelsmann and world class goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. “I have been following the work of Julian Nagelsmann for a long time. I know what style of football he has in his head, which is important to him.

After long poker around his contract, things are speeding up with games against Leipzig and Cologne in four days. Has the acclimatization process started?

“To be honest, I just don’t have time to think about all this. During the negotiations between the two clubs, I mostly stayed away and spent time with my family. Then the decision fell on a Wednesday a week ago; same evening I was on a plane to reach Munich.

How is the result after this big ramdam?

“I know the team quickly. The next flight to Leipzig, I became the goalkeeper for Bayern Munich. I have all day to concentrate on the game alone. I completely obscured everything around. It might be good to start this challenge without hesitation, without thinking too much.

Bayern’s influence is enormous. Two draws similar to a moderate or even big disappointment?

“The requirements were clear to me and immediately apparent. Two draws to start off satisfies no one. We are even far from satisfied. We have to win the game. Here, maximum success is demanded. Victory is not an option, but an obligation.

The club faces mammoth tasks. Championship titles, most goals in Cups, Champions League knockout stage against Paris St-Germain. And Bayern is counting on you.

“I am happy that Bayern are counting on me for the next goal. I have been following the work of Julian Nagelsmann for a long time. I know what style of football he has in mind, which is important to him. This is also why I said to myself: this amazing project is for you as a goalkeeper.

Are you looking for your last flight after eight and a half years in Monchengladbach?

“What does it mean to fly? I played for a long time at Basel and fulfilled my dream of playing in the Bundesliga. In Mönchengladbach I lived eight and a half wonderful years. And suddenly the Bayern Munich theme appeared out of nowhere. Personally, I’ve never considered the Bayern option, because that’s just not a theme for me. And then, this famous club came up with a proposal.

It immediately became clear to you that you should accept this offer?

“For me it has always been clear: FC Bayern is once again a big challenge that I want to take on with my family. Sportively, this club is very attractive; I really want to do it.”

The sudden departure from Mönchengladbach ended up being silent. Surprised?

“This positive reaction pleases me. After eight and a half years of being able to leave after such an amazing period, I consider it big. Respect for collaborators, fans, former teammates, all of this is based on reciprocity and it’s not easy.

You signed a contract in Munich until 2025. Do you consider the length of the contract a statement of intent from Bayern?

“Duration gives me security. I have a family, who are also settling in a new environment and have to deal with big changes. I am now focused on the present. On the front line, I have to be a top goalkeeper for Bayern.

You replaced the world champion goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. Did you make an exchange with the injured goalkeeper?

“We saw each other at the club facilities. The meeting took place in a collegial spirit. He knows international business and has extensive experience. I find this exchange course very positive.”


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