Weekend playlist: tribute to guitarist Jeff Beck

Bacterial meningitis killed Jeff Beck on January 10, when he was 78 years old. With him disappeared an extraordinary guitarist who worked his way up the charts in the Yarbirds before touching all styles a bit. He will be one of the first to play with distortion effects and pedals, which will not leave indifferent Jimi Hendrix.

Jeff Beck’s group would feature Rod Stewart on vocals and Ron Wood (Future Rock) on bass. It navigates between heavy metal, soul, rhythm’n’blues. Then the episode of Beck, Bogert and Appice before Jeff Beck started a solo career.

Blow and Blow showed all the dexterity and thoroughness of the musicians who later made their way through the jazz-rock universe. Together with Cable where let alone the composer from Goodbye Pork Pie HatCharles Mingus, congratulated on his version.

He sings with his guitar

For There and Back, he secured the services of bassist Stanley Clarke, even if he was later replaced. Pump became one of his favorite songs.

The following discs came out sporadically, because he had tinnitus. He collected prizes at the Grammy Awards, entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was even invited to play at the White House by President Obama.

Jeff Beck doesn’t have a voice suitable for singing. He sings with his guitar.

Truth. Rock My Plimsoul

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Beck-Ola. Sweet little angel

Blow after blow. She is a female

Blow after blow. Diamond dust

Cable. Let’s Dance

Cable. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

There and Back. Too Much to Lose

There and Back. Pump

There and Back. Golden Street

Who else! Brush With The Blues

You Have Came. Blackbird

François Lesbre

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