this remake was a total success at first glance

It’s finally here: a remake of the cult survival-horror dead space arrived and, according to critics, was one of the first big slaps of the year.

After the disappointment of Callisto Protocol, we are looking forward to returning to these basics. this January 27th, Dead Space Remake- a modern reinterpretation of 2008’s brilliant horror TPS – it’s finally upon us. At that time, the game Visceral Games was overshadowed devil’s residence by offering a breath of fresh air for this genre. Inspired by horror movies like Event Horizon, dead space moving hell into outer space, risking everything on the caustic atmosphere and highly effective gameplay.

Returns with a technical overhaul, new gameplay mechanics, and an alternate trajectory for the main story, this new one dead space announced until now as a real boon for the nostalgic, but also for new players. We can’t wait to get the first feedback and here’s the good news: they are great.

With press rating of 89/100 on Metacriticthe remake is better than the original which, in 2008, already posted an excellent 86. It’s also one of the best values ​​for early 2023, exceeding unspoken (67) and Fire Emblem Engage (81). Of the 56 opinions, only one was more lukewarm than the others – for the most part, they remained more than positive. Anthology.

When you need a little space

In outer space, no one will hear you play : Dead Space Remake is more than just a remake, it’s a whole new game. Motive Studios has done an outstanding job bringing one of the greatest masterpieces of the survival horror genre to life. Not only thanks to the new graphics that give us a slap or a fantastic sound design. All the gameplay adjustments and level design reinvention add real value. Even those who know the original game by heart will be surprised. The incredible dive into horror is a whole new gene slap. Now, we only want one thing: rest, and fast!

Unlimited Power : Dead Space (first name) is an undeniable classic, one of the best survival horror games ever. As for this remake, it’s just as successful as Resident Evil 2. Beyond the graphics, gameplay mechanics, story, and the entire atmosphere have been improved, and this is in a subtle and meticulous way. Everything that was brilliant in the original game (most of it, actually) remains intact.

TierraGamer : Dead Space is a remake that manages to outperform the original. The story is complex and the gameplay mechanics are even better than the first game. It should set an example for all future remakes aimed at paying homage to the cult game, while increasing its impact on players old and new alike. .

Dead Space (remake): photoThe best meeting is not what you think

Game Informer : Instead of reinventing the wheel, Motive Studios made Dead Space more beautiful and fun to play, while keeping the heart of the experience. Everything serves to feed the game, not weaken it. So this remake let me relive Isaac’s first encounter with a necromorph, without making me regret the original. It is also the perfect entry point for new players [Dead Space] equivalent to today’s headlines. Hopefully, the game’s incredible re-imagining will remind EA that Dead Space still has a lot more to offer and that its universe can always offer more nightmare stories for the future. : Whether you’re indoctrinated or a neophyte, there’s a place for you in this vein that looks like a ghost train, because yes, the Dead Space is scarier than ever.

IGN France : The Motive studio delivers the best version of Dead Space. Ishimura’s scary ultrasound, the Frostbite Engine’s play of light and shadow is absolutely mesmerizing and will give you nightmares for weeks on end. Outside of technique on the other hand, game improvements are limited, and the experience remains essentially the same as it was fifteen years ago. This is not necessarily a defect.

Dead Space (remake): photo“Hi how are you ?”

This time, we respect the protocol

Digital Trends : For anyone who hasn’t experienced what is considered one of the best scares in video games, know that this new version of Dead Space is the most successful and therefore the best to start with. The desperate fights and claustrophobic atmosphere still make it a game above the fray, even 15 years later. And that fact was confirmed again today, with some clever little tweaks to the remake. However, if you mop up the 2008 game, there won’t be anything here to give you a boost. This is a remake with the quality of a simple remake.

Metro GameCentral :An excellent remake of a not-so-popular survival horror. Nonetheless, the game makes a very convincing argument for the series to continue in a profitable way.

Dead Space (remake): photoHow happy when finally the abscess can burst

Eventually, you’ll understand it, there won’t be (until then) a voice against this fact: Dead Space Remake seems to be a total success. Whether you’re a fan of 2008 games or not, the technical overhaul will perfectly match the requirements you’d expect in 2023 from a title of its kind, and the whole original experience remains perfectly pristine. This way, younger players (or those who miss it, at that) can tackle it without the fear of finding a tired, tired version that doesn’t quite live up to the slap it took another life fifteen years ago.

Now, in order to ensure this very convincing first return, it remains to unravel the opinion of the players. the day after tomorrow Callisto Protocolthe contrast should support this dead space, and maybe even give it new popularity. This already makes us want to hope for another quality remake: one that’s no less good Dead Space 2.

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