PS5: the sought-after console is available but for a limited time

Good news plan PS5: the sought-after console is available but for a limited time

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The PS5 has been coveted by thousands of French since its release. It’s no secret, Sony is struggling to make consoles available to everyone and stock shortages persist. The PS5 is now making a big comeback on physical shelves and online from wholesalers. We bring you the latest console restocking news, so don’t hesitate anymore: PS5 is available again but not for long!

PS5 is back, hurry up!

The PS5 was released over two years ago and is still a huge success. With its success, the console was also crushed by its spike in stock shortages and as a result couldn’t keep all who were excited happy. It must be said that Sony has not been so lucky: with its release in the midst of the global Covid-19 crisis and the closure of production plants, the Japanese brand is trying to supply as many PS5s as possible in vain. Even two years later, Sony is still trying hard to sell its consoles and there are a lot of stock shortages.

Buying a PS5 may seem like torture, but don’t panic, many major stores continue to resell PS5s. We bring you the latest PS5 arrivals so you can pick them up as soon as possible. We advise you not to waste time because recharges, although they are not so rare, go at an increased speed.

Updated on 27/01/2023 at 16:12: The PS5 pack is available at Cdiscount.

Buy the PS5 pack starting at €569.99 at Cdiscount

Updated on 27/01/2023 at 16:10. : The PS5 is available as a package on Fnac.

Purchase the PS5 + God of War Ragnarök pack + red controller for €694.99 on Fnac

Buy the PS5 + God of War Ragnarök pack + camouflage controller for €694.99 on Fnac

Our tips for buying your new PS5 fast and for the right price

The PS5 is highly sought after by many and not just lambda buyers. As you prepare to buy your console, other people called “scalpers” are also right behind or even ahead of you in line. A scalper is a person who buys a popular product with the intention of reselling it at a very high price for the exact same product. These touts are using the frustration and pain of people who fail to buy consoles to get rich. So be careful when you make your PS5 purchase: we advise you to buy only on the sites of major authorized dealers and know the console’s average price well so you don’t get scammed.

Here are some tabs to help you keep track of the latest PS5 releases on trusted ecommerce sites:

  • Check out PS5 Stock on Amazon
  • Check out PS5 stock on Fnac
  • Check out PS5 stock on Cdiscount
  • Check PS5 stock on Micromania
  • Check out PS5 stock on Cultura
  • Check out PS5 stock on Boulanger

Apart from that, when you want to buy a PS5, you have to create an account on all merchant sites that are known to restock PS5. This process will definitely help you to be first when shopping because after all, an account creation request is mostly mandatory on major e-commerce sites before you can make a purchase. .

If you are one of those people who prefer physical purchases and online sites scare you, you can of course go to the nearest multimedia store and ask for a waiting list. Indeed, some sellers offer this function because they actually receive new stock and, as a result, requests occur frequently. You will then be positioned according to the “first come, first served” law and you will be notified when the PS5 is available.

Finally, we also recommend registering your bank details in your favorite search engine so as not to waste time and thus always maximize your chances of getting your PS5.

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