I use Bing 5 minutes a day to earn rewards, this is my experience

JVTech News I use Bing 5 minutes a day to earn rewards, this is my experience

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If Google is brash to dominate the world of search engines, Bing is not giving up and offers a system of points and rewards to encourage Internet users to take risks. Is this really interesting or is Microsoft just kidding?

Rewards for using Bing? I don’t even know

Since you like hands up, let’s create one. Who here uses Google? Now that’s a lot of people. Now, who uses Bing? People ? If, that guy in the background with your bowler hat, you actually use Bing? But why ? Present?

And yes, I found out myself recently, Microsoft, the group behind Windows also tackles Bing, the unpopular search engine, our Poulidor, second perennial behind the giant Google. In 2021, 92% of searches are on Google, of which Bing garners nearly 3.8%, with 1.4% for Yahoo. The overwhelming dominance that displeased Microsoft, which was racking its brains to find a way to go up the slope: Microsoft Prize.

This is’point system which we obtain by performing various actions, primarily reverse Internet searches to be performed on Bing. The more queries you type in the Bing bar, the more points you earn. You can then use these points to open prizes, but also participate in sweepstakes to win prizes that are much more interesting and faster.

Is this program worth ditching Google for the Bing experience. I tested Microsoft Rewards for you, and here’s what i think.

My feedback on Microsoft Rewards

When we sign up for the Microsoft Rewards program on this page, we are provided with basic information, starting with the points system. Every simple search on Bing earns us 3 points. You can see at the top right of the screen the total number of points you have. ButThe Microsoft Rewards Dashboard is where it all happens.

I use Bing 5 minutes a day to earn rewards, this is my experience

On this page you can see:

  • Points we collect: total points, today’s points, but also donation points. Because yes, you can choose an association to donate money without having to spend your own money.
  • Daily challenges: In order to earn more points, Microsoft invites us to complete many daily challenges, such as performing precise search in one click to earn 10 points at once, answering short surveys, changing your profile picture, taking quizzes, etc.
  • View all awards: the “Use” tab displays everything that can be obtained with points. There are subscriptions like Game Pass or Spotify Premium, or even gift vouchers for stores like Fnac, Amazon, or Ikea. This is where you can participate in a raffle to win an Xbox or Microsoft Surface.
I use Bing 5 minutes a day to earn rewards, this is my experience

Verdict on Microsoft Rewards: a huge black spot

In short, a rather self-explanatory interface, and the system the levels and quests to complete almost look like a video game, but what is the use of this system? To give you a quick conclusion, it’s far from a good system, because of one big problem: too low points.

3 points for quests, 10 points for completed challenges, but to get a €5 Amazon voucher, you need… 7500 points. Yes, 7500 points. This is amazing, it will take you months to complete the bar, especially since you have to go to the dashboard and not Bing every time to complete the points-earning challenges.

I use Bing 5 minutes a day to earn rewards, this is my experience

Another big let down: donations to the association. If you prefer to give to others, know that Microsoft does not offer a more generous scale: 1000 points are earned for giving 1€, and there is no decrease… So of course, you get a lot of points if you connect every day , that You use Microsoft Edge or play Xbox games, but in the end, I feel powerless, and I give up quickly, seeing too well the disproportionate but necessary investment to get what one wants going forward.

Example : It is possible to earn about 500 points a day if you log in every day for 5 minutes, to earn 15,000 points and pay yourself an Amazon gift voucher of €10. Except that earn €10 for a total of 2.5 hours of time far from worth it.

The only positive point is the raffle system: having the opportunity to win multiple jackpots per month for a participation fee of just 200 points is quite satisfying, all without having to invest in Microsoft Rewards as a quarantine investment in World of Warcraft.

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