“I can’t help it if I’m tall, beautiful, charismatic…”

“When I was making this album, I felt more like Aya Dianoko than Aya Nakamura in real life.” Aya Nakamura chose DNK, three consonants of her last name Dianokoto christen this new project. A more personal record. “I’m high level,” he said in a caption. And for good reason, he filled three Accor Arenas in Paris in minutes.

Dubbed the Queen by her fans, this superstar – born in Mali and raised in Aulnay-sous-Bois – took the world by storm in less than eight years. He the most streamed French-language artist in the world right now. With a current catalog of 6 billion streams and more than 20 million people follow him on his various social networks – three-quarters live abroad.

the music mix of RnB, zouk, Afro-Caribbean rhythms attracts millions of young people. Her personality also has a lot to do with it. Star cash is a far cry from the music industry format. She is a strong woman in the music industry and impresses with her 75 meter high heels.

“DNK”, a very personal album

I really come into my own on this album“, convinced the singer on the occasion of the release of his new album, DNKbefore explaining that Dianoko is people “with a strong and very sensitive character”. But the singer assured him, in the DNK he also revealed his “weaknesses and fears”. “It’s important to get your emotions out in the studio,” he says.

One theme dominates the album: love. “I think that’s what everyone lives for and that’s what I’m known for, he admits. But most importantly, you should know that I always use my wounds as inspiration“. However, he reassured her: “From the beginning, I embodied the ‘queen’, the strong woman who dominates and controls men, and people forget that I am also a sensitive woman, with her fears and sorrows.so I wanted to show that side of me.”

a little intimidated Aya is open about her love life. “I’m seldom lucky, she slipped, before explaining that “it’s not easy dating someone who is very famous and who is courted, it can be tricky.” “I was often hurt and I was hurt in return, I was deceived… We hurt each other and that’s part of life”, he finally philosophizes.

I realized more and more that I was someone impressive

Aya Nakamura

On this new album, Aya Nakamura also values ​​her freedom, claiming “she wanted to lock me up” by resurrecting her former partner. “I love freedom too much and that’s why I’m afraid to get married, she said. I want to be in a relationship, but still feel free.”

The artist also recalls his childhood, when his mother already asked him “but who do you think you are?” when he refuses to wear certain “stuff.” “I’m realizing more and more that I’m an impressive person and I don’t know if that’s a positive thing. I impress men, I impress women, but I’m just like you,” she claims.I can’t help it if I’m tall, beautiful, charismatic… And I can’t control how people feel when they see me, complained the young woman.

I think I’m loved because I’m natural, unfiltered

Aya Nakamura

In her music, Aya Nakamura also likes to bring a sensual dimension, but she doesn’t have the impression of “forcing her style” on the new generation. “I get the impression that my songs are growing all the time and on this album, it feels“, he assured, explaining that every song starts with a feeling, be it sadness, love, madness or melancholy.

Regarding this change of writing, the “queen” explained: “I’m not worried anymore and I stopped looking for ‘slap’ sentences for there are times when I seek so much that I make myself feel bad”. “Sometimes I write straight to the studio and come home with nothing.“, he admitted.

As for the crown “frommost streamed artist”, Aya Nakamura did not hide it, she “liked” it. “He’s transparent, but he’s not bad there”, he joked, before qualifying: “At first, he was still hard to wear. They put it on my head like that and I didn’t ask for anything. It wasn’t me who gave myself this ‘queen’ name and it was even a little difficult at first.”

However, the singer has his own ideas about what makes him popular. “I think I’m loved because I’m natural, unfiltered“, he thought. You may not love me, but you can’t say that I formatted, diva I do not know.

It’s a difficult balance between the life of a mother and the life of a star

Regarding the balance between her personal and professional life, the “queen” admits: “as a woman, it is very difficult to find a balance. Psychologically, it was hard when my son was born and it took me a few months to stop feeling ‘just a mom’ anymorehe said, conceding showing up late to a concert in Bercy to sing with Alicia Keys so she can go to her daughter’s first fair. “That’s him first, I have to. He will remember it all his life, I also want him to say to himself: ‘Mom, he was there’, that’s important.”

Today, Aya’s success is such that several brands want to collaborate with her. Balenciaga specially signed collections with artists and they sold out in just a few hours.. “When I see an American star wearing my collection, I tell myself that there, I have reached the pinnacle of my pride. I’m proud of myself and it makes me want to create my brand someday, why not… We’ll see”, slipped the artist, leaving the tension.

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