Consumer trends dig on Pinterest in 2023 to improve your food concept

If marketers focus on their metrics to master and recast their pricing strategies in this inflationary period, understanding current and future consumer concerns is equally important. Goal: to envision the future of its food concept in order to commit to a path of sustainability. But also and in particular, to reach the sensibilities of Y and Z generations, the main target of fast food. The good news is that the 9th edition of the annual Pinterest Predicts report has just been released. With over 400 million users connecting daily, the visually inspired social platform reveals topics that should emerge or continue to evolve… So there’s still time to look to 2023 more serenely with, in addition, customer-centricity!

Pinterest is a social platform like no other. Its addicts use it to plan for the future, find inspiration based on their current worries, and are not looking for a specific brand or brand, but real answers to their daily problems unlike any other social network. . This means that through their queries and research, Pinterest depicts real consumer trends, far beyond fads, which are basically out of date! So in 2016, we tell you that the nostalgia that brings together the need for premiumization of offerings through renewed heritage products is underway, with the advent of truffles being used in our dishes; that food waste is a major global concern: the Too Good To Go app appeared in the region the same year as the basket… In 2021, we confirmed that eating is traveling and drink boards now replace dinner, necessitating a confinement effect ! In 2022, in bed with food, it clearly shows us that home consumption habits are changing and that eating is no longer taking place in the dining room and that “going home” is proving to be the new trend.

Conducted against volume and growth thresholds, this analysis is based on two consecutive years of examination to understand the main variations that were created, and which were accounted for in a more certain way. To help you identify tomorrow’s trends, the Pinterest Predicts platform has prepared input filters that let you explore themes by category (well-being, travel, decor, etc.), by audience (generation Z, Y, boomers) and by your brand value. (connectivity, sustainability, authenticity, etc.). Without further ado, let’s break down the future food trends:

# Let’s organize the party of the century

It’s not just young people who celebrate it. Why only deal with dynamic young workers? Parents and grandparents are also eager to fight against him. The years after Covid have meant parties and celebrations for all. Searches for golden wedding celebrations (50 years of marriage) increased again this year by +370%, while birthday cakes to celebrate 25 years also saw an increase of +245%! A great excuse to address the less young, but also the youngest looking for inspiration in celebrations… for those who are older. Therefore, power of influence and recommendation can be very important in your strategy!

How to capitalize on this celebratory trend, which is already very present in 2022, in catering?

Catering offers from reception organizers, venues that can accommodate the public, new ideas for corporate celebrations have a much greater chance of being supported by users if intelligently assessed as a source of inspiration. If event activity has increased far beyond 2019, the reference year, it should be present explicitly, thought out for your users, according to their essential needs: what (real) birthday cake can I arrange? What are some new presentation ideas to enhance the petit fours that I could use? The goal: always look for the impulse buying and excitement that will make you important in this very niche segment, which is also a source of margin for your company by leveraging greater volumes!


Ecological awareness and global warming are being raised among all generations, and that is quite reassuring. In 2023, boomers and Generation X plan to design their outdoor (and indoor) spaces in smart and pragmatic ways. The goal is to maximize rainwater recovery: the formation of drought-resistant landscapes has jumped by 375%, as a consequence of the very hot last summer we had. The CSR approach, which is more present than ever in our society, is directly related to the sustainability of the food concept and the perception of your consumers.

How to take advantage of this CSR trend in catering?

Although reuse, the origin of raw materials from local fabrics, etc. is a real concern for many players in the CHR sector, communication efforts must be made. Consumers still need the challenge of breaking habits from the not too distant past. So good practice, good examples, but also humor and consumer involvement in conveying the message must enable this transition which is important to our sustainability… Consumers must also be challenged… and educated!

# To drink and not drink!

2023 the year of versatile alternatives? We can drink (alcohol), not drink, but always with maximum fun, excitement and without social pressure, please! While the fantastic BRSA registered +220% growth, and original cocktail decor ideas +225%, the mixed trend, already in 2016, confirms that fun has its place in our sector, especially as it brings together all generations to seek inspiration and discovery!

How to take advantage of this trend to drink and not drink in restaurants?

The desire to invent new ways of celebrating at home and in sales continues to grow! Consumer education and understanding of the new alcohol-free and low-alcohol ranges, including hard seltzer, will drive consumer adoption. Eatertainment, through pairing (food+drink) is primed to find new sensations that your customers can take home, or even as souvenirs… And, when prices are in guerrilla mode, it’s a good sign for your own position in the segment which is not very common in our nightly fast food sector… Great way to get additional sales and secure margins!

# Seaweed Therapy

Inspired by Asian culture, the seafood superfood trend is winning the hearts of generations X and Y. And it’s no surprise that seaweed joins acai in the list of superfoods. From dulse to nori, via wakame, wavy seaweed! Benefits of water chlorophyll +35%, green seaweed +60%, seaweed snack recipe +245%, nori recipe +60%, seaweed salmon bowl +245%. A basic ingredient in Japanese, Korean and Filipino cuisine, this herb is gaining popularity as more consumers discover its nutritional richness. This superfood from the sea will soon land on our plates to let us enjoy its many benefits, concludes Pinterest.

How to take advantage of this Algae-Therapy trend in catering?

The Asian influence on RHD as at home is well established. Since the bowl is a new plate, and the poke bowl has become a complete meal to eat, it is natural that healthy food and food “as medicine” have become a part of our eating habits. Are we ready for functional food without leaving the pleasure of eating behind us? Good question ! The fact remains that this fairly natural evolution of the Asian impregnation is increasingly present on our plates. And if we have to go one step at a time, let’s start with seaweed before moving on to a truly functional and individualized diet! If eating is above all culture, let’s bring culture to our plates!

Other uptrends, which Pinterest disclosed in its report, include: Techno raves and underground : points out that after 2 years of confinement and restriction, generations Y and Z seem to need to reinvent their taste for celebration and music. Here are the hottest searches: Berlin rave fashion, house music outfits, music mixing, techno style, and rave party aesthetic; from original date : Generation Z really isn’t content with a simple “date” in a traditional bar or restaurant. Now there is room for originality: bookstores, aquariums, museums, romantic picnics, aperitifs in motorhomes, in ski lift cabins, in real places that you will prepare especially for them… Travel, travel… yes, but not by plane ! Train priority for Y and Z generations this year and especially for “more responsible travel”. Faster plane rides, great views and a lower carbon footprint: everyone’s ready to explore the world by train, says Pinterest. Opportunity to offer food and drinks on board that will be part of the trip? Finally, and in conclusion, let’s talk about it challenge to save : in the midst of inflation, Generations X and Y are playing with their finances. Among the main requests from users: the biweekly challenge to save, the challenge to save 1000, which is especially in line with the empathy you should also have for your consumers!

To conclude:

The trend of social listening should not be considered alone and in silos but rather in synergy with one another from a macro view. It is not a matter of choosing one and putting forward differentiating criteria with the risk of being unsustainable and being seen as opportunistic. Rather, they should be thought of as a coordinated set of creative guides to improve the overall customer experience, revise the concept and put the consumer at the center of its marketing and operational concerns to also put itself in its place and better understand society… as a whole!

If these trends make you want to go further, you can browse Pinterest predictions here and continue the discussion via comments and/or on our social media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. See you again !

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