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French-Malian singer Aya Nakamura at the 24th edition of the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, November 18, 2022.

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He is well on his way to hitting one billion views on YouTube with the title Djadja. French singer from Mali Aya Nakamura, released a new album titled DNK refers to his real name (Danioko). An album whose main theme is the complexities of romantic relationships.

What happened since the releaseyes, the third album from the now-star singer, released in November 2020? One displays luxury at Major Lazer (It’s cookedwith US rapper Swae Lee), single with 60 million views (bob), appeared on the Accor Arena stage with Alicia Keys who invited him to do a duet there Djadja in July 2022 and an interactive video game concert Fortnite in October of the same year. Without forgetting the important para-musical fact, his French naturalization is in May 2021.

Therefore, the fans who have been waiting for the new album for more than two years can see their patience being rewarded DNKa reference not to Denmark as a quick Google search would suggest, but to Danioko, his last name in abbreviated mode (Rockin’ Squat did become RCKNSQT, after all).

From the first title, corazon, we discover the singer’s basics with this smooth intro with hints of self-tuned chorus followed by a controlled Afro-electronic beat. With the news that celebrity artists are in conflict with her album releases, one can’t help but be tempted to make the lyrics of these 15 songs a diary of the painful breakup that Aya went through with her ex, who was mainly clipping. bobabsent from this DNK which supports the theme of disappointed love, parting with a loved one.

Song with SDM, Father (same title as SDM’s duet with Booba, watch out for confusion), a smash hit, the rapper who echoes the singer in the duet due to a misunderstanding of the pair drifting. SMSproduced by Shiruken Music & Hard Level, had a scent hit, an admission of weakness of a woman who melts at the voice of her (former?) lover, whom she asks for one last chance.

Three other collaborations spice up Nakamura’s sound: Puerto Rican rapper/singer Mike Towers who brings his reggaeton lover’s touch to the scene. I am not afraidTiakola, former rapper of group 4Keus turned solo artist was present at Present, another romance discourse featuring a couple seeking balance. Finally, Kim, a young French singer whose last album dates back to 2016, provides the answer EveryAnother story about heartbreak.

Zouk and afro are the two spices that give Aya’s signature synthetic r’n’b flavour, with some traces of South African amapiano in Beleckwho reuses the word that put linguists into PLS, “catchana”, popularized by Djadja. Blocked (nothing to do with the title Casseurs Flowters Gringe and Orelsan) will speak to all the women who have also blocked their exes on WhatsApp, and here again we find a love story at the end of the course, with a light melody melody that will almost make you happy. Separation is experienced as liberation?

The love we seek, the disappearance, the helplessness of men and the complexities of romantic relationships, such is the plot of this disc whose synthetic voice would not confound the ordinary people it now represents, with great displeasure. grammarian and hater, foreign French anthem.

“I do Aya”just answer the person who impressed Madonna like Rihanna and quoted in reboot from New Prince of Bel-Air when asked about his music. A twist that basically sums up the originality of this artist who borrows from rappers the swagger of a well-considered ego trip (“You want to compare me to others, I am high level, the great Nakamura is too far”he said High level) and who carved out his path, seems indifferent to the many reproaches that have been leveled at him since his career turned internationally.

The album ends with no surprises on the final story of the breakup, Endthe death knell of romantic relationships with no hope of return (“You think I’m tied to you / Now you say go but I say goodbye”).

In May 2023, his three concerts (completely long before the album’s release) at the Accor Arena (Paris) will be an opportunity to see if the 27-year-old starlet holds the stage to the high level he claims. . Wait, DNK is a new testimony from a strong, powerful, popular, but now lonely woman. The price to pay for global success?

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