Video tutorials on making cell phone gems

This is an inescapable trend since last summer. that telephone trinkets slips between the smartphone and the shell to serve as a handle and hold the laptop, or simply to decorate it. Very easy to make, we offer a tutorial for you make a phone charm yourself when you see the most beautiful pearls on the internet.

Tutorial: make cell phone jewelry from beads

that mobile jewelry is an accessory that is as trendy as it is practical. These little good luck charms hang on your phone case and can be used to hold your smartphone, especially when your hands are full. Other than that, you only need to adjust the length of the gem to your liking until it forms a shape DIY phone holder if you want to wear your phone over your shoulder or around your neck. Practical, right? Otherwise, if you just want to enhance your smartphone, you can make gems like keychains. Find our video for fmake a phone charm on the TikTok account @marieclaireidees.

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Where to shop for the most beautiful beads to make customized phone jewelry ?

On your DIY cell phone charms, let your imagination run wild! You can bet on resin beads, such as Heishi beads, ideal for making all kinds of summer jewelry. At La Petite Épicerie, we love this mix of Cosmos and its pearls in purple and blue. On the Perles & Co side, we’re betting on crooked links, perfect for make a telephone chain.

Before starting make a phone charmremember to choose a resistant thread, such as jade or nylon thread, ideal for jewelry base.


DIY Phone Jewelry with cosmos beads

We love La Petite Épicerie’s mix of Cosmos, with star, universe, and space themed pearls.

Price: €7.99


Create phone charms with links

Bet on the big Perles & Co link to make a telephone chain very trendy.

Price: €0.30


How to make cell phone jewelry with Heishi beads?

Heishi beads are ideal for making pretty summer bracelets. But they are also pearls that can be harnessed make a charm phone !

Price: €6.99


Making phone jewelry: which pearls?

Make phone charms, this is an opportunity to bet on luxurious, regressive and colorful pearls… It’s up to you to choose what you like. Here, they are faceted quartz crystal beads in the shape of a water drop.

Price: €7.21


DIY Phone Charms with acrylic beads

Feel free to choose beautiful acrylic beads to make DIY phone charms.

Price: €7.88


How to make phone gems with seashells?

For summer models, we bet on shell-shaped pearls!

Price: €1.40


Make a cell phone charm with star beads

Find gemstone star beads – aventurine at Perles & Co to make fine mobile gems.

Price: €1.10


Which yarn to choose to make phone gems?

Remember to choose a resistant thread, such as jade or nylon thread, ideal for jewelry base. Here, we offer bbobbins of nylon thread for beading and macrame.

Price: €12.99

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