The Orléans School of Art and Design opens its doors

Two of the three Ésad Orléans sites will open this weekend: the main site of the school, at 14 rue Dupanloup, as well as the building at 108 rue de Bourgogne in Orléans.

This public school trains an average of 300 students annually in art and design, and is interested in contemporary digital, ecological, political and technological issues.

Interact with students

Open days will be an opportunity for young people and their parents to come and talk with students from various courses (preparatory classes, early cycles, high-level design research), as well as with the student office and their co-op. But also with the members of the teaching team: teachers, coordinators, technical workshop managers, librarians…

The school will also allow visitors to discover the various technical workshops it offers (3D printing, silver photography, engraving, etc.) and student work, in the form of exhibitions.

Éva Vedel, from Esad d’Orléans, sculpts the data that awards the winners of the Loiret Business Trophies


Various activities, conferences and roundtables will be offered in the school auditorium, on the Dupanloup website:

  • Friday, January 27 at 3pm, ÉSAD Orléans presentation, the course and its admission requirements by Juliette Beauchot, Director of Studies,
  • Saturday 28 January at 14.00, presentation of ÉSAD Orléans, its training course and artistic project by Emmanuel Guez, General Manager,
  • Saturday January 28th at 3pm, “3 minutes for masters” presentation with 5th year students,
  • Saturday January 28th at 4pm, testimonials from ÉSAD Orléans students.

Virtual open house

For those unable to attend, virtual open houses will also be offered from February 15 to March 8. A special website has been created for this event. Four video conferencing meetings are planned with the training manager:

  • Friday, February 17th at 5pm, presentation of the prep class for art schools and national arts diplomas (first cycle) and admission requirements – with Juliette Beauchot and Thomas Perrin, heads of prep classes,
  • Monday, February 27 at 14.00, presentation of the national higher diploma in plastic expression (2nd cycle) with specialization in media design and admissions requirements – with Caroline Zahnd, head of the ECOLAB research unit, Sophie Monville, coordinator of archeology of media, publishing and visual media and Lionel Broye, director of the “blockchain in media” research program,
  • Monday, 27 February at 16.00, presentation of the National Higher Diploma in Plastic Expression (2nd cycle) with a shared design specialization and admissions requirements – with Caroline Zahnd and Gunther Ludwig, course coordinators of connected space and object design – data designing,
  • Friday March 3 at 5pm, presentation of preparatory class for art school and national arts diploma (cycle 1) and admissions requirements – with Juliette Beauchot and Thomas Perrin.

“The League, living together with the river”, an exhibition by Esad in the Anna-Marly media library

Cozy. ESAD, 14 rue Dupanloup (main site) and 108 rue de Bourgogne in Orléans. Doors are open from 10.00 to 20.00 on Friday 27 January 2023 and from 10.00 to 18.00 on Saturday 28 January 2023. On Friday, visiting slots can be booked for interested schools by contacting the Study Director at the following address: jbeauchot@esad-

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