Sale: The 5 best deals on board games will make you forget about your PS5!

Good news Sale: The 5 best deals on board games will make you forget about your PS5!

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A must-have board game that allows you to have fun with your family or friends over a good aperitif. If we recently told you about the best selling deals on Nintendo Switch and PS5 video games, we shouldn’t underestimate the relevance of board games to spice up our evening!

Popular board game during winter sale! Great references at low prices available

Whether it’s to spend a Sunday afternoon with the family or an aperitif night with your friends, board games appeal to everyone. The timeless and user-friendly board game guarantees hours of fun with loved ones and bringing people together around the table, which video games don’t always allow.

Today, big classics like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, or even Cluedo still charm crowds, but there are also lesser-known nuggets that deserve more exposure.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best 2023 winter sale deals on board games!

5 Best Board Game Sales Offers Make You Forget the PS5!

Sales: Harry Potter games – A year at Hogwarts hit, -54% on Amazon!

This board game to find for up to 8 players will allow you to immerse yourself in the heart of Hogwarts in the shoes of a student of witchcraft. The goal is simple: collect as many points as possible for your house in order to win the Four House Cup.

For this you will have to complete a number of missions within Hogwarts castle and its surroundings, but also to pass the exams that await you in the classroom.

The Harry Potter board game – A year at Hogwarts consists of:

  • 1 main game board
  • 3 additional trays
  • 210 cards
  • 30 “mission” cards.
  • 60 “four cup house” tokens.
  • 36 object tokens
  • 20 Floo powder tokens
  • 10 Portkey tokens
  • 15 character sheets
  • 15 pawns

Buy board game Harry Potter – A year at Hogwarts for 15,96€ on Amazon

Sales: 7 Wonder Duel game is a best seller, and the price is cheap during the 3rd price drop

Sale: The 5 best deals on board games will make you forget about your PS5!

Issue 7 of Wonders: This duel is specially designed for 2 players. Given the compact size of the game box, You can take it anywhere, especially to play it on the weekends, during your next vacation, or even with co-workers on your lunch break.

The games are generally short as the designers announced the games to be around 30 minutes. So it’s perfect for filling in the gaps in your schedule without making you late for your next activity.

Finally, what interests you the most, let’s see the objective of the game In 7 Wonders you have to build a civilization to destroy your opponent. To achieve victory, three possibilities are available to you:

  • Focus on scientific progress
  • Capture your opponent’s capital
  • Building a Dominant Civilization

You have to make choices strategically, depending on the cards that will be revealed to you during the game!

Game box 7 Wonders: Duel contains:

  • 1 game board
  • 66 Age card
  • 7 guild cards
  • 12 magic cards
  • 7 military tokens
  • 10 progress tokens
  • 1 conflict token
  • 31 pcs
  • 1 grade book
  • 1 game rules
  • 1 game aid

Buy 7 Wonders: Duel board game for €22.99 on Amazon

The Squid Game board game is half price during the winter sale

Sale: The 5 best deals on board games will make you forget about your PS5!

You have the opportunity to compete with your friends as a team in the board game Squid Game. Like in the hit series available on Netflix, you have to win mini games to survive. Well, when we talk about survival, you certainly won’t attack to kill your playmates but it will be a question of leaving the game as a member of your team in case of failure in any of these mini-games.

As you will understand, you have to build a solid team to win the final victory. Overall, the games offered include bluffing, strategy but also luck and each game of Squid Game can bring together 3 to 6 days aged 16 and over.

In the end, the last player left standing wins the Squid Game!

The Squid Game game box includes:

  • 2 game boards;
  • 72 team tokens;
  • 36 Player cards;
  • 7 doll cards;
  • 11 Dalgona cards;
  • 24 Squid cards;
  • 4 pre-cut marble counters;
  • 8 Glass Bridge tiles;
  • 4 Mannequin and Wall bands;
  • 1 stopwatch;
  • 2 stopwatch markers;
  • 1 speed token;
  • 1 rulebook.

Purchase the board game Squid Game for €11.95 at Philibert

Les Aventuriers du Rail Europe is a cult game and 21% off during the sale

Sale: The 5 best deals on board games will make you forget about your PS5!

The board game Les Aventuriers du Rail Europe takes you back to 1900’s Europe, when the first railroads were built. You can play it with up to 2, or up to 5, and it takes about 1 hour per game.

This Les Aventuriers du Rail Europe game box features Alexa compatibility, so you can place compatible devices, such as
Echo Point

in the middle of the game board to see everyone’s scores. All you have to do is ask Alexa.

The game consists of building stations as well as positioning yourself on the railroad tracks to adapt strategic play at the expense of your opponents.

Inside the game box you will find:

  • 1 game board;
  • 240 wagons,
  • 156 cards;
  • 15 color stations;
  • 5 score markers;
  • 1 rule book;
  • Number 1 Days of Wonders to play online.

Purchase Les Aventuriers du Rail Europe for €39.99 on Amazon

Sale: promo code -27€ for the game Arkham Horror on Philibert

Sale: The 5 best deals on board games will make you forget about your PS5!

Arkham Horror is a series of board games revolving around stories written around the myth of Cthulhu, an ancient fictional monster from another dimension detailed by author HP Lovecraft.

In Horror in Arkham, you take on the role of a character who leads an investigation into strange phenomena plaguing the everyday lives of the townspeople of Arkham.

It is a card game where you have to choose your character as well as build a deck of cards including accessories, parts of the story that you will discover as you progress, but also pawns and markers. Note that You can play alone or up to 6 players very well and adjust the difficulty level of the game accordingly: everything was planned by the publisher!

Currently, Philibert is offering an immediate discount of €27 for the purchase of expansion game boxes + 6 expansion card packs. If you already own the base game, this offer is especially attractive as it completely covers the game’s campaign price.

Finally, note that game expansions are optional and can be enjoyed in any order.

Buy the base game Horror on Arkham for €62.95 on Philibert

Buy board game Arkham Horror (6 campaigns) for €80.95 on Philibert

Check out all the Arkham Horror game boxes for sale at Philibert

Winter sale 2023: instructions

? What date is the 2023 winter sale?

The 2023 winter sale takes place from Wednesday January 11th starting at 8am and ends Tuesday February 7th at 11:59pm. Therefore, the winter sale will allow you to take advantage of various discounts, promotions, rebates and price cuts for 4 weeks.

How many discounts ? can we get during the winter sale of 2023?

Winter sales can offer discounts of up to -70% on select products and equipment! On average, there are promotions ranging from 20 to 40%. Now is the perfect time to save money! Plus, if you have discount coupons, check out the gift cards earned at Christmas, there are ways to make big price reductions on your favorite products during this 2023 winter sale.

Which stores ?️ are participating in the winter 2023 sale?

The most famous brands participate. So, we found out Amazons, cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, Baker, Mikromania-Zing, E. Leclerc, Red by SFR, shopping street, SFR, Sound-Video, Zavvi

Therefore, you have the advantage of choice and can take advantage of the many promotions and discounts at all of these merchants for this 2023 winter sale.

Find all offers from winter sale 2023.

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