Forza: Gran Turismo 7’s great competitor is finally here! All info!

Game News Forza: Gran Turismo 7’s great competitor is finally here! All info!

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Launching for the first time on July 23, 2020, Forza Motorsport, the eighth episode of the saga, takes advantage of Microsoft’s new conference to be back in action! Release date, graphics… We tell you everything!


  • Gameplay for Forza Motorsport! Very beautiful
  • Still no release date!

The most awaited conference earlier this year has finally arrived, and as promised, it allows us to find out more about the eighth episode of the Forza Motorsport saga which will be called Forza Motorsport. Yes, as announced a few months ago, the saga has decided to continue the series from the very beginning to also welcome newcomers and make a great return to basics.

Gameplay for Forza Motorsport! Very beautiful

Chris Esaki, the creator of Forza Motorsport himself, who opened the ball! He announced early on that we will deal with the “most technically advanced” racing game. And given some of the quotes, we are ready to take his word for it.

Cars will certainly be in abundance, but we’re also enhancing their appearance with the help of a spectrophotometer, which records multiple data points on a surface to analyze how light behaves on it. Thanks to this new technique, our models react to light in a more realistic way, whether it’s color, shine on metal, or shine level. Damage and dust on the car are calculated contextually authentically and this is different for each vehicle, for example dust will accumulate more in certain corners and in recesses. Chris Esaki, creator of Forza Motorsport

As long as a few excerpts are broadcast, the play is excellent and even more picky. After announcing that there will be a total 500 cars to drive and over 800 unique upgrades for cars, Gabriel Garcia, artistic director of vehicles is back to the novelty.

We learned in particular that ray-tracing will be more impressive than ever and that the physics engine will be very powerful. It looks more powerful than the Forza Motorsport 5, 6 and 7 combined, it’s just that. Another novelty, damage and dirt will be highlighted this time.

The damage and build-up of dirt is unique. They are contextualized and localized. It simulates the thickness, sheen and direction of the paint. Dirt buildup is more realistic, especially in low pressure areas such as reinforcements and alcoves. This innovation tells the story of your racing performance. Gabriel Garcia, Vehicle Art Director

Still no release date!

If we were expecting this new conference to offer a release date, unfortunately know that is not the case. But to be forgiven, the creators and creators of Forza Motorsport have revealed the number of environments we can traverse… And there is much more.

Forza Motorsport will feature 20 environments at launch and tons of tracks to master. In addition to fan-favorite tracks, you can get behind the wheel to explore new locations in the series, including our first set in South Africa: Kyalami. The level of precision thanks to photogrammetry and laser-scanned images makes it possible to get 10 times more realistic detail, especially for vegetation. With our advanced graphics, which allow us, for example, to show tens of thousands of spectators fully animated in 3D, you will be completely immersed in the spectacle of motor racing. Play 10

Finally, note that the game will be entitled to dynamic weather and day/night cycles. In other words, we can start a race that takes place at the end of the day and finish it at midnight. Good news, especially since it has a good chance of further sublimating the contribution of ray-tracing.

As a reminder, Forza Motorsport will be available on Xbox Series X|S and PC (Microsoft Store and Steam), as well as on Xbox Game Pass.

Forza: Gran Turismo 7's great competitor is finally here!  All info!

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