ChatGPT graduated college, but something is missing

JVTech News ChatGPT graduated college, but something is missing

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A professor who teaches at a prestigious American business school has successfully demonstrated that ChatGPT artificial intelligence is capable of obtaining a diploma there. However, the success of this AI also shows that it is not competent in all subjects.

If we talk a lot about ChatGPT these days, it’s because Artificial intelligence developed by the company OpenAI opens up a very important field of experimentation. Every day, new people find new ways to test it, but it also gives food for thought to people who are still confused, or who are wondering about the potential of AI.

Some people who want to test the limitations of ChatGPT include Christian Terwiesch, a business professor at the Wharton School of Business, a business school connected to the University of Pennsylvania. He wanted to answer a simple question: can AI graduate from this institution?

Yes, ChatGPT can pass, but…

In the 26 page white paper which can be accessed free of chargeChristian Terwiesch talks about his experience with ChatGPT. He explained that he was asking an AI the same questions he would ask a student face-to-face with the intention of obtaining an MBA-type diploma. (Master of Business Administration), which can then lead to jobs in finance or human resources.

Teacher thinks so the chatbot works well overall : “He did an outstanding job on basic operations management and process analysis issues, including those based on case studies. Not only is the answer correct, but the explanation is excellent. »

However, not everything is perfect: it turns out that ChatGPT is terrible at math. This may seem very surprising, since math problems usually have concrete answers, but The AI ​​sometimes makes surprising mistakes in level 6 calculations. Finally, Christian Terwiesch also pointed out that chatbots “unable to handle more advanced process analysis questions, even when based on a fairly standard model”.

Very mediocre student, but still a graduate

The Professor believes that, despite this, ChatGPT “will receive a B or B- grade on the exam” and would therefore be accepted with a score of around 12/20. Because, among the quality of the chatbot there is also the ability to learn from mistakes and easily correct them thanks to human intervention, for example a teacher who can direct answers during an oral exam. “In cases where it initially fails to match the problem with the proper solution method, ChatGPT may make amends after receiving appropriate instructions from a human expert”.

Besides that, after graduation, IA will probably have no trouble finding a jobbecause the professor believes that he has too “demonstrate an outstanding ability to automate certain tasks typically performed by highly paid knowledge workers, and more specifically those with an MBA”. What scares the professionals in this sector.

A truly revealing experience?

However, this experience should be taken with a grain of salt. The first reason for this is that Christian Terwiesch knows he’s dealing with artificial intelligence and that the results from this approach are necessarily biased by this. It was hard to know whether his opinion would be the same in the presence of an average student continuously checked by grade 6 math exercises. Thus, it may take several professors to test the AI to get the average between trials.

Christian Terwiesch’s approach still confirms the previous findings, namely that ChatGPT is a big challenge in the education sector, including in terms of diplomas in major schools. The professor also believes such a tool could be useful to teachers, who may choose to exploit it rather than try to fight it.

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