Google Maps without Internet? Here’s how to set up an offline plan on iOS or Android

Always when you need it most, your smartphone’s mobile Internet connection lets you down. For example when you arrive by car near your destination but your GPS refuses to show you a map which can save you from a long drive on streets totally unknown to you.

If you are used to using your phone as a GPS with Google Maps, you can avoid all these problems by simply downloading the offline version. Even without internet service, Google Maps will be able to help you get where you want to go, you just need to download the right map first.

This can be especially useful if you are planning a trip to a location where you may not have access to internet service. You can download offline maps (or several) on Google Maps very easily and quickly.

Google Maps is a simple service that allows you to get route information and find businesses online. You can then zoom in using various view options, such as map or satellite

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How to Download Google Maps Offline

First, know that you don’t need to download the entire Google Maps. Before your trip, you can download specific areas, which can be cities, regions, or just parts of the map where you will be spending time and where you may not have cell service on your phone.

To download maps on Google Maps offline, open the Google Maps app on iOS or Android and tap your profile picture in the top right (you need to be signed in to a Google account for this to work). In the menu that appears, tap Offline plan > Choose your own plan.

Use your finger to place the map you want to download within the rectangular boundaries. Use one finger to pan the map, and pinch two fingers to zoom in or out. As you move around the map you will see how much storage space the download will take up on your phone. Once you are happy with the area, tap Download.

Map selection

Note: You can also enter a city or other area in Google Maps and then tap the Download button that appears in the drop-down window to download the offline map, but this only works on iPhone.

You must be connected to Wi-Fi to download maps. If you want to download via cellular, go to the Offline Packages page, tap the gear icon on the top right, tap “Download Preferences” and select Via Wi-Fi or cellular network. Once your map has uploaded, you will be returned to the Offline Maps page, where you can view all of your offline maps.


Now you will be able to use Google Maps even when you are not online, in the area you downloaded, and only in this area. You won’t get highly accurate travel times or alternative route options, as traffic and other road issues are not accounted for in real time, but you will get a general estimate of your travel time. Public transport, cycling and walking routes are also not available offline, only routes for driving.

If you want more tips about this app, check out our list 6 tips for Google Maps. To plan your route, we also offer a selection of multiple GPS applications. articles adapted and enriched by CNET France

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