to fight the “common enemy”, CGT Marseille passed the baker at lower speed – Liberation

After several power outages across France, the energy workers of the city of Marseille have decided to support the baker, which penalizes electricity and gas prices. FNME-CGT members do not refrain from other actions.

This is an original action, combining the struggle against pension reform and the impact of the energy price boom. This Monday, CGT Energie Marseille claims the share at a reduced rate for the city’s bakers, “because they will be deployed on that day to maintain its survival”, said the union a statement which registered an act in the movement against pension reform. And CGT Energie Marseille to specify: “They go through the same mechanism as us, namely: the minority fulfills itself and the entire population becomes slaves. The time has come to show that the age of capitalist abundance is over.

“We have fought for fifteen years to keep public energy services and prices from exploding, explained to Release Renaud Henry, general secretary of CGT Energie Marseille. But we are seeing the results of what has long been denounced: bakeries around us are suffering from energy prices.» He would not talk more about the discount method or the bakery in question as such actions are illegal and therefore the elected representatives want to do everything to avoid retaliation against the agents who will carry them out. But he stipulated that the discount would be 50% to 60% and promised to communicate figures on the number of assisted bakers.

However, he warned: “We do not exclude calls from other craftsmen or any movement to ensure that all sectors unite. Workers, artisans, everyone, we have a common enemy: the government, which binds us all. And we want to show by this action that we can manage each other.

The tariff reductions are part of a series of actions taken since Thursday by FNME-CGT, the leading union in the electricity and gas industry (IEG) branch, which combines around 160 companies and 139,800 employees. Hours before the first protesters grunted in a morning procession across France, members of CGT Enedis had cut power to the industrial area in Massy (Essonne) for more than an hour. Likewise in Chaumont, particularly the town hall, regional council and departments of Haute-Marne and prefectures were affected. In Lot, the immortality of the representative of the Renaissance Huguette Tiegna as well as the sub-prefecture of Figeac also lost power. “Not all of them are acceptable, the actions announced do not count as union mobilization, some may constitute crimes”, on the other hand warned Olivier Dussopt, asserting that this reminder was made by Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti in the Council of Ministers.

“His attacks are good, but they are no longer enough”

In a press release published on Friday, the FNME-CGT listed the actions under consideration: free lines (particularly schools, nurseries or hospitals), power restoration for users in energy poverty, targeted cuts, action on gas storage or LNG terminals… “His attacks are good, but they are no longer enough, underlined this Monday morning on BFM TV Sébastien Menesplier, general secretary of FNME-CGT. We must act, take action that is visible and has an impact on those who support the government and the laws of social regression. […] If an agent in a general assembly decides specifically to make targeted cuts, this can be arranged. I’m expressing outrage on the pitch, which is important, and it needs to be heard. Before specifying, on questions relating to billionaire deductions: “We will save energy. We will of course target people whose activities we deem not important. If the energy sector is stepping up its action, it will be mainly because its workers are being specifically and doubly targeted by pension reforms: by extending the retirement age as well as the desire to abolish the special regime for IEG.

FNME, like several CGT-affiliated federations, has also decided not to wait for the next inter-union and national day set for January 31, much to the chagrin of some who wanted to move it forward to the recently opened week. On Thursday, CGT refineries, petrochemicals and Ports and Piers called for a strike, with the idea, particularly in Marseille, of building convergence between sectors. Offensive strategy when other unions prefer to bet on non-breathing strength. However, despite disagreements over timelines and methods, the unions are showing no signs of cracking in their fight against pension reform.

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