Jonathan Geffroy, a former Islamic State fighter, was sentenced to eighteen years in prison

Is Jonathan Geffroy really a converted jihadist or is it simple “opportunistic” ? The high special court of Paris ruled in favor of the second option, Monday, January 23, by sentence the former fighter of the Islamic State organization (EI) to eighteen years in prison accompanied by a two-thirds security period for “terrorists”. Association of Criminals (AMT)”.

Chaired by Christophe Petiteau, it follows a request letter from the National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office (PNAT) which questions the sincerity of the conversion of this Toulouse convert, 40 years old, who had joined Syria in February 2015 with her husband. his wife and their son who was then two months old.

A 40 year old Moroccan citizen, wife of Mr. Geffroy went on trial with him on Monday for AMT. Jonathan Geffroy and Latifa Chadli both face thirty years in prison. The court was more lenient on him, sentencing him to five years in prison, three of which were suspended on probation, against the seven initially demanded by prosecutors, along with a two-thirds security period. After serving two years in pre-trial detention, Mr.I Chadli, who appears to be free, will therefore not return to prison.

Jonathan Geffroy’s mother, Denise P., attempting to “terrorist business financing” after sending more than 18,000 euros to her son while he was in the Iraq-Syria zone, was sentenced to three years in suspended prison, while he faces ten years.

“An opportunist who wants to live the pasha’s life”

Charged with “terrorist criminal association” and “abandonment of minors” – for taking his son to a war zone -, Jonathan Geffroy had highlighted during the trial that his collaboration with French authorities, from November 2016, when he was still in Raqqa. , one of the IS strongholds.

Following his escape from Syria and his arrest by the Free Syrian Army (ASL) in February 2017, then his surrender to French authorities in September the same year, he continued to speak to investigators, without being convinced of the sincerity of his conversion.

The Directorate General of Homeland Security (DGSI) investigator who testified at the bar as well as the PNAT General Counsel thereby minimized the importance of the information Jonathan Geffroy provided to the authorities, including the Islamist organization’s project to send child soldiers to Europe to carry out suicide operations. self.

“Jonathan Geffroy was an opportunist who wanted to live the life of a pasha” in the Iraqi-Syrian zone, estimated the Advocate General in his filing. If he decides to leave the Islamic State in 2017, that’s right “because the situation in that area has become very difficult”he insisted.

During questioning last Friday, the former jihadist explained without pretense about his career in ISIS. “When I arrived in Syria, I was proud to be there”he acknowledged, before adding: “I have put the Islamic State on a pedestal because they have conquered a lot of territory. This power dimension nourishes me. I was completely under their control then. Proud. Proud to have a gun. I feel good, I meet people from all over the world who think like me. I am in total utopia. »


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“I joined them, so I have a responsibility. One does not find oneself in the Islamic State without liking certain features of the Islamic State.”, he said with rare honesty. However, “before July 14, 2016 [date de l’attentat de Nice]I don’t see the truth in the facehe argued before the court, explaining that this attack was marked ” rest ” and that at that time he had [pris] realize who they are [étaient] ». “I have always been cooperative with the intelligence service, with the investigative judge (…). I can’t do more than I’ve done”he pleaded at the bar, without convincing.

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