Test – A Space for the Unbound, quality pixel-art for a heartwarming story

outstanding Mojiken Studio putting cover back after his video game nuggets When the Past Exists. As a result, Space for the Unattachedpublished by Toga productionoffers a qualitative and captivating story following the adventures of Atma and Raya.

A touching story distilled by a poignant narrative

I’Indonesia often offer thrilling stories that can be experienced in video games. Space for the Unattached is a perfect reflection. You play as Atma, a young student who falls in love with a certain Raya. Our two protagonists have to manage the girl’s magical power. Indeed, they had to save their small town in the ’90s! This adventure, with its pixel-art quality and sublime sound design, will make you feel an extraordinary sensation. However, you will have to be patient if you are not an English speaker because of this game only available in English.

If their previous production was about mourning, this game will get you discover different aspects of feelings like love, anxiety and loss… As you will understand, in addition to having the basics in English, you need to be “prepared” enough to play. Luckily, apart from talking about sensitive subjects, you can entertain yourself by petting lots of animals. Cats, dogs and even cows can be petted. Moreover, Atma is engrossed in giving names to all of his pet cats. Lastly, you will have a choice between three names at each encounter.

Gameplay combines Point’n Click and choice

Very far from point and click where you have to put various objects together to achieve sometimes impossible results, here everything is logical. Do you have to climb walls? So grab a ladder or rope and the obstacle will be passable. This makes the gameplay simpler than many games in this genre. In addition, the objects used will disappear when you walk through your inventory except for the magic book that allows you to manipulate people’s souls.

The magic ofSpace for the Unattached can be summed up in two actions. Get inside people’s heads to rid them of certain ailments or travel through time through fault lines. Don’t worry, the set is very easy. All puzzles can be done without a solution and in a relatively logical manner. In order not to slow down the rhythm, the inventory is available at any time when you interact with a person or object without opening the pause menu!

In addition to the varied puzzles, you will be able to fight in rhythm by doing QTE and doing certain phases of infiltration by crouching down and avoiding the eyes of those who are looking for you! Also, during dialogues, you will have the luxury of being able to choose what Atma says! Very far from such a moral choice Life is Weird knows how to do it, but gives depth to the story.

Unfortunately, the game is a little out of steam.

If the story keeps you in suspense from start to finish, the gameplay isn’t quite the same. You will have a lot of fun in the prologue and the first act. However, from Acts 2 and 3 you will no doubt find the game a bit long. The puzzles are starting to run out of inspiration. On the fighting side, you’ll have fun on the other.

Solving native problems through your magic book is a bit overkill. Indeed, after psychoanalyzing the protagonist in front of you, you must understand his trauma and try to solve it. The theme in people’s minds is terrible. They may have problems related to bullying at school, domestic violence, or even problems related to burnout at work. Therefore, you must understand their problems and comfort them by performing some frequently repeated actions.


The prologue, the first and the last act are absolutely amazing. Acts 2 and 3 are a bit too repetitive but give a lot of depth to the lore. I spent about 8 hours exploring the beauty Space for the Unattached. The experience, even though it was only in English, was very fun to do. I recommend it for amateur stories, in English, great!

Test conditions

Television details 4K Games provided by publishers Yes
Entertain Xbox Series X Time spent in game 8 hours
Level of difficulty cn The game has ended Yes
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