LIVE – Pays de Cassel-PSG: hat-trick before half-time for Mbappé, Neymar also on target

Neymar missed a big chance

Launched brilliantly in the penalty area by Mbappé, Soler tucked in a powerful cross at the far post for Neymar to send the ball into the stands! In his defense, there was a small bounce before his shot.


3-0 to PSG with two goals from Mbappé! Danilo’s opening for Mbappé who completed an amazing lob job on Samson!


Paris escaped the score within minutes with a one-two on all the beauties! Neymar chained hooks and feints and finished the job with his left foot, 2-0!

Neymar missed the target

Neymar was about to take a free kick at the entrance of the area but his shot was way over the top! He was booed by the crowd!

Yellow card for Brunel

Neymar fought back and entered the penalty area but he was stopped just before that by a tackle from Bruneel! Yellow card !


It’s been a good time for PSG and it takes a dazzling Nuno Mendes! The Portuguese overtook two players and served the flat-footed Mbappé. It was countered and the trajectory tricked Samson! 1 to 0!

Neymar lost his nerve

To recover the ball, Neymar pushed the referee and put his hand on the head of the player from AS Pays de Cassel!

At the back, he returned the thread and picked up a yellow card!

Neymar is getting treatment

Struck in the right knee, Neymar was treated and tested above all… The doctors looked worried but the Brazilian replaced him.

US Pays de Cassel raises its goals

What a confident recovery from Pays de Cassel that started in the goal and ended in the opposition half! The public loves it!

Brunel remained on the ground

After the midair duel, Bruneel stayed on the ground looking stunned and touched his back. He wakes up slowly!

Soler missed the move

The ball was played back badly by the Hauts-de-France club’s defense and Soler could have capitalized on it. He tried to give Neymar a touch but it was too strong!

Mbappé is too short!

This time, Nuno Mendes took his path and crossed for the spot but Mbappé was too far in front and didn’t have the ball!

Mbappé is offside despite the goal

Found in the box but back to goal, Kylian Mbappé turned around and tricked Samson! The striker is in an offside position!

Parisians are faster

We feel the PSG players move faster than the Kassel players. Pembélé often takes his path, unlike Mendes.

Sané awakens the crowd

The first ball was for Keba Sané who tried to dribble Kimpembe with a rake but he was sent into the background. Not wrong!

Paris chained its centers

PSG already knows strong ball possession with 2-3 crosses that the Pays de Cassel defense replies!


And here comes the round of 16 between Pays de Cassel (Regional 1) and PSG! The winner will face Marseille in the next round!

Some stats 20 minutes from kick-off

This will be Paris’ 249th game in the Coupe de France. PSG’s record is mostly positive with a total of 177 wins, 30 draws and 41 defeats.

The last loss is far from Prince’s Garden in the French Cup thus the date goes back to April 17, 2013. It overlooksEvan TG (1-1, 1-4 TAB). PSG’s final elimination in the last 16 of the Coupe de France started on 22 January 2014 and the game was against Montpellier in the Park (1-2).

Picture of the Pays de Cassel locker room

Pays de Cassel’s players concentrate in the dressing room before the 16th Coupe de France final against PSG.

Pays de Cassel composition against PSG

Eleven Pays de Cassel: Samson – Santrain, Thoor, Zmijak, Rapaille – Leclerc, Boudjema, Bruneel, Bogdanski – Leganase, Sané.

PSG composition against Pays de Cassel, with Neymar and Mbappé

PSG eleven: Navas – Pembélé, Ramos, Danilo Pereira, Nuno Mendes – Vitinha, Renato Sanches, Soler- Mbappé, Ekitike, Neymar.

Potential OM-PSG in 8th place

The winner of the match between Pays de Cassel and PSG will face OM in the round of 16.

If Paris qualify, it will be at the Stade Vélodrome.

If Pays de Cassel qualifies, R1’s Petit Poucet will accept Marseille.

Bollaert grass is in pretty bad shape

The Pays de Cassel players are in the process of getting to know the ground, and we can see that the Bollaert grass is not above…


The lawn of the Bollaert stadium in front of Pays de Cassel-PSG © RMC Sport

How Christophe Galtier remobilized his troops before the Coupe de France

Since the end of the World Cup, Paris Saint-Germain have suffered their first two league defeats. Any time outside against Lens then reindeer. On the pitch some players don’t give the feeling of having done everything to make things better and go beyond results, this is partly what annoyed the staff.

Without declaring a state of emergency, Christophe Galtier delivered the message to his players as he confided in the press conference. Especially during individual interviews. Last Saturday, in front of his group, in the dressing room of the training center, the 2021 French champion wanted to mobilize everyone.

He specifically pointed to the insufficient investment of his players since the world’s return. Necessary speech as PSG seem to be able to do much better. The lack of racing, technical flaws and lack of commitment is glaring against Rennes for example.

Neymar feels targeted

However, among some locker room execs, it goes without saying that Paris could make a better copy and awareness has come after two setbacks away from Taman. The next few weeks will allow us to measure it. Others, like Neymar feels targeted by what they might perceive as reproach. The Brazilian knows he is highly expected.

Christophe Galtier announced at a press conference that he aims to field the best team this Monday night in the last 16 against amateur Pays de Cassel. It has to happen with a few exceptions. Lionel Messi resting Hugo Ekitike should start with Kylian Mbappé and Neymar. In defense Nuno Mendes could return to 11. Marquinhos should be linked with Sergio Ramos. Once again the highly permeable world champion’s defense will be heavily watched. Christophe Galtier hopes to bring competition back to the weakened sector. Presnel Kimpembe should be back in collective session “in 8 or 10 days” according to the former technician from Saint-Etienne. The French defender is optimistic that he even hopes to enter the group that will face Bayern Munich on February 14.


Hello and welcome to the Coupe de France match between Pays de Cassel and PSG

Six divisions and more than one world separate PSG and Pays de Cassel, the two teams who face each other this Monday night in the last 16 of the Coupe de France. The match shifted to Monday to allow PSG to play a highly profitable exhibition against Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia.

The Pays de Cassel players, the amateurs, needed one day to be able to play this game for a week. For some people, like the captain, members of the CUP, it will be heartbreaking because they are PSG supporters.

Messi was rested, but Mbappé and Neymar will be there and Christophe Galtier vowed not to underestimate his evening opponent.

Kick-off at 8:45pm, line-ups will be available from 7:45pm. The draw for the round of 16 will take place from 7pm. Matches to follow on Bein Sports 1 and live commentary on the RMC Sport website and app.

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