LIVE – Al-Nassr-Ettifaq: Ronaldo wins for the first time in the Saudi championship

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Ronaldo was all smiles on the lawn

CR7 flashed a big grin on the page. Al-Nassr’s new captain congratulated his team-mates and hugged his trainer Rudi Garcia. Fans chanted his name. Despite not scoring a goal, his five Ballon d’Or make a good impression for his christening in the Saudi championship.

Finish, Al-Nassr wins for first over Ronaldo (1-0)

Cristiano Ronaldo took his first win in the Saudi championship under Rudi Garcia. Al-Nassr won 1-0 against Al-Ettifaq thanks to a goal scored within half an hour by Anderson Talisca. Al-Nassr again leads the standings ahead of Al-Hilal.

The ball is too deep for Ronaldo

CR7 made a good call in the area but the ball was too deep for him. The Portugal striker smiled and cheered on his partner. Beautiful picture.

Al-Nassr holds on to his victory for now

CR7 and his family are still 1-0 up with less than ten minutes remaining.

Ronaldo’s hard bait, which makes his opponent sprawl

CR7 lands a searing hook into the box. Bek Al-Ettifaq fell to the ground, completely beaten. The stadium saluted the class move from the Portuguese, even if the action ultimately came to nothing.

Ronaldo tries acrobatic recovery

After receiving a cross in the area, CR7 tried to make an acrobatic recovery but he didn’t touch the ball and fouled his opponent.

Very solid weaver on the axis

Marcel Tisserand put in a great performance on the Al-Nassr turf. Defender Al-Ettifaq (30), French-born and Congo international, is very solid in the center hinge. Former Monaco and Toulouse threw a lot of hot balls and responded well to the duel against CR7.

The rhythm drops a little

After the real spotlight, Al-Nassr became less sharp for a few minutes. The match intensified.

Al-Nassr made his first changes

Rudi Garcia slightly changed his line of attack, leaving Cristiano Ronaldo on the field.

Talisca kicks hard, Al-Nassr presses hard

After good work from Ronaldo, who made small steps and dribbled behind the supporter’s feet, Talisca fired a powerful shot at the edge of the box. Goalkeeper Al-Ettifaq makes a diversion. Al-Nassr almost took a break in front of the home crowd.

Ronaldo’s cross for Martinez’s volley

CR7 overflowed down the left and sent in a fine cross for Martinez, who saw his recovery picked up by the keeper. Al-Nassr pushed under the pressure of his new Portuguese captain.

Vitinho’s free kick flew into the stands

Striker Al-Ettifaq took a well-placed free-kick but shot clearly over the top.

Ronaldo’s deflected shot

CR7 attacked at the entrance to the area, on the left side, and tried to shoot from afar. But his attempt was blocked for a corner.

Ronaldo swapped with his partner

CR7 didn’t touch the ball too much since the start of the second half. The Portuguese striker left the axis to swap with his offensive partner. Without much success so far.

The recovery is a bit messy

Both teams doubled down on technical inaccuracies on their return from the locker room.

It’s time for the second period!

The match resumed between Al-Nassr and Al-Ettifaq in the sweets of Riyadh. 1-0 to Cristiano Ronaldo’s team, who took the lead thanks to a header from Brazilian Anderson Talisca, the top scorer in the Saudi championship.

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It’s the first half, 1-0 to Al-Nassr

It’s time for rest at the King Saud University Stadium in Riyadh. Al-Nassr took a 1-0 lead against Al-Ettifaq for Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut in the Saudi league. Brazilian Anderson Talisca opened the scoring after the half hour with a header. CR7 is in on the action. This result allowed Rudi Garcia’s team to return to lead the standings ahead of Al-Hilal, their big rival.

Ronaldo is free on the front lines of attack

Rudi Garcia seems to give Cristiano Ronaldo a lot of freedom. The Portuguese striker explored the entire front line of attack, although he was most often in the pivot.

Vitinho released his attack

Great rush from Niakaté in the Al-Nassr defence, he served Vitinho in the area but his shot completely missed. Still 1-0 for Al-Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo’s team.

CR7 monopolizes the attention, its partners take advantage of it

Al-Ettifaq’s defenders logically focused on Ronaldo’s moves. His partners take advantage of this to stand out in his surroundings.

Talisca is sanctioned, Ronaldo is at odds

Talisca was punished for pushing defender Al-Ettifaq. Ronaldo protested, explaining to the referee that his partner was playing with a shoulder. CR7 is deeply involved in his role as captain.

Strike next to Niakate

Striker Al-Ettifaq crept into the box but his shot was completely off the mark.

Ronaldo’s first free kick above

CR7 tackled a well-placed free-kick on the surface but his effort was way over the top.

Al-Nassr again leads the championship

Talisca’s goal allowed Al-Nassr to regain the lead in front of Al-Hilal for now.

Talisca opens the scoring for Al-Nassr (1-0)

Anderson Talisca of Brazil found fault with taking a fine cross from the head. The top scorer in the Saudi league unblocked the situation and received congratulations from Cristiano Ronaldo, who jumped beside him trying to deflect the ball. 1-0 to Al-Nassr.

Few chances to sink your teeth

By the half hour, Al-Nassr was dominating play, without really managing to be dangerous. Al-Ettifaq has not had an interesting situation so far. The show was quite slow even though the stadium was ready to light up.

Fans sent an inflatable ball with Ospina jerseys

Al-Nassr fans release yellow and blue inflatable balls with David Ospina’s (injured) shirt hanging into the sky at King Saud University Stadium.

Mild weather in Riyadh

The capital of Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the year was cool. The game is played with a thermometer showing about fifteen degrees.

First yellow card for Al-Ettifaq

Saeed Al Mowalad, defender of Al-Ettifaq, was cautioned for too muscular an intervention.

Ronaldo and Tisserand stuck in the box

Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcel Tisserand were involved in a dashing duel in the Al-Ettifaq area. The two men found themselves on the ground. The referee didn’t flinch.

Martinez is a little awkward

Pity Martinez from Argentina, who plays to support Cristiano Ronaldo, loses a lot of balls at the start of the game. He has not managed to serve his new captain in good condition.

Al-Nassr confiscated the ball

Cristiano Ronaldo’s team has 67% ownership on their field. Without managing to create big opportunities for now.

Kop Al-Nassr sounded

Ultras Al-Nassr could be heard in their stands located behind one of the goals. Sensations flowed through the stadium every time Ronaldo touched the ball. The Portuguese just distinguished himself by clearing the ball off his head in his area.

French coach duel

Al-Nassr was trained by Rudi Garcia, Al-Ettifaq was trained by Patrice Carteron.

Chief Alamri replied

Alamri, the defender of Al-Nassr made a header from a corner but the ball was blocked by the defender.

Ronaldo’s first attempt

CR7 tried his luck at the entrance to the area but his powerful shot was diverted for a corner by Tisserand.

Al-Nassr can lead the championship

If Ronaldo’s teammates win against Al-Ettifaq, they will temporarily lead ahead of Al-Hilal. The start of the match was quite tight, with Al-Nassr dominating.

Ronaldo looks very motivated

CR7 is looking sharp for his big premiere in the Saudi championship. The 5 times Golden Ball moves a lot and tries to perform in these first minutes.

Ronaldo in the center forward position

Cristiano Ronaldo is aligned on the front lines by Rudi Garcia. The Portuguese striker wears the captain’s barassard. Al-Nassr players play in blue and yellow. Their opponents are green, white and red.

Come watch the premiere of Ronaldo with Al-Nassr

The match has just started between Al-Nassr and Al-Ettifaq!

The Al-Nassr Stadium was seething for the influx of teams

Al-Nassr supporters enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo and his colleagues. It was a huge atmosphere at the King Saud University Stadium, where nearly 25,000 people attended the premiere of CR7 in the Saudi championship.

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The players enter the field

Great atmosphere in the stands, with smoke billowing from the local fans.

Ronaldo joked with Ngannou over the weekend

In a video posted on social networks, Cristiano Ronaldo appears at the weekend with fighter Francis Ngannou. Smiling, the two men challenged each other’s fists.

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Francis Ngannou and Cristiano Ronaldo © Twitter francis_ngannou

The titular weaver with Al-Ettifaq

Patrice Cateron, coach of France Al-Ettifaq, has opted to start Marcel Tisserand in defence. On the other hand, Naïm Sliti is not on the scoresheet.

Ronaldo became captain in his first appearance with Al-Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo was very well established by Rudi Garcia, who even gave him the captain’s armband. On the other hand, Alvaro Gonzalez and Luiz Gustavo were absent.

Sliti, Tisserand… what awaits CR7 for his first game with Al-Nassr

Three days after facing PSG in a friendly match (4-5), Cristiano Ronaldo will play his first official match for Al-Nassr against Al-Ettifaq (followed from 18:30 on RMC Sport 1 and on Twitch). An opportunity to find out what the Saudi championship is worth.

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Cristiano Ronaldo in his new jersey.
Cristiano Ronaldo in his new jersey. © Iconport

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