Have fun: this cook mixes street food and exotic flavors in the market

Since September, Paulin Pradelles has been delighting customers at Revel market with her exotic recipe for steamed buns, topped with pork. (© Angélique Passebosc – The Voice of Midi Lauragais)

During these months, every Saturday morning, during the Revel open market, Paulin Pradelles installed – like a food truck – its “little trailer” along rue de Dreuilhe, mission square. He unpacks his stainless steel container filled with preparations and condiments that would garnish a burger or bao bun.

On behalf of Paup street foodThe 24 year old from Dourgne offers what he describes as “fusion cuisine”. A mix of different, slightly exotic flavors, which he marries to his liking. “I found that there is great potential in spices,” he slips.

A balance to find

A kitchen he quickly shifts into working his own way. “Initially, I only did Asian. I’ve attached a griddle to my trailer for this. But after a while I want suggest something a little more greedy and therefore launched into this fusion cuisine. »

Paulin Pradelles had to do several tests before finding the recipe that worked best. And who suits him. Because after launching himself on the Revel market with his trailer, “without a business plan”, the entrepreneur wanted to try, besides, home delivery with a special card.

On the menu: burger or stew and dessert. “But it becomes too complicated to manage,” he said. We need to be able to deliver to the customer while keeping the product at the right temperature… Quality-wise, not bad. Then I really want to be able to distinguished the professional side of the staff so you don’t have to bring work home. »

Home cooking using local products

Therefore, the cook was finally satisfied with the weekly Revel market and revised the menu. “For now, I only offer unique dishes,” he explained. His specialty? That steamed bunsthe bao bun way, let it be garnish with shredded cooked at low temperature. “For this one, I chose pork chops with oregano, orange juice and lemon juice. This gives a very juicy and tasty recipe, he explained, as an example. It’s running fine now! »

Above all, he claims a ” Homemade food “ boiled with local product, that he would, for the most part, search within a few hundred meter radius. “I don’t go very far: for pork, I get my supplies from Ferme de la Bonicarde, right there on the corner. And for fruits and vegetables, in Espace Midi Fruits”, he indicated with a wave of his hand. As for the buns for his burgers – which he has included on his menu at the end of the year – he orders them from La Fornaria de Revel.

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Develop aspects of the food truck

If she prefers to embark on this traveling adventure, rather than opening her own restaurant, it is because Paulin Pradelles wants to remove the constraints associated with catering. “I’ve been working in this industry for a long time. I love cooking! But what I don’t like is the schedule, which is too tight,” she admits.

Hence, in September, the cook from Dourgne launched his own business with street food Paup, which he is expanding bit by bit. “The goal is to do more than Revel marketplace. My next hunting ground is the Toulouse region”she says.

The 24-year-old wanted to diversify his retail outlets and develop the “food truck” side of his business. “What a good thing to have three fixed notes per week. Near a business area, for example, it is always more profitable if you have this kind of business. Another goal: to be present at an event held in the region, between Revel and Toulouse.

Practical information

Paup street food.
Info and contact: 06 19 35 33 29, on Facebook or Instagram.

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