Faure is declared the winner by the party, Mayer-Rossignol denounces “election rigging” – Exemption

After two days of recounts by the verification commission, PS confirmed that the outgoing boss won the majority of the votes of the militants. Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol’s camp deplores the “political and moral bankruptcy”.

A new battle in the war of roses. After days of claiming victory on both sides, the Socialist Party published a press release this Sunday afternoon proving that Olivier Faure will secure a slim majority of the militant vote, with 51.09% of the vote, against his opponent Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol.

According to the text, the result is “final”after’“examination of the minutes of the federation and study of the request for irregularities, and while the votes which were the subject of the dispute have been reserved“.

“Conduct unworthy of the Socialist Party”

Features withdrawn after fifteen hours of recounting since Friday, Corinne Narassiguin, president of the verification commission, later defended in a press conference a “the final result”, “based on the totality of the votes, from which we decided to reduce the votes according to several criteria that are indisputable and understandable to all: the issue of violence at the polls, pressure and intimidation and inappropriate electronic voting and the presence of ballots in ballot boxes prior to arrival supervisor”. According to him, a total of 234 votes were withdrawn, 58 for Olivier Faure and 176 for Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol.

He also criticized a “attempting to disrupt the party” from people with “Trust massive fraud”. Narassigin clarified that “On Friday at 04:45, there was a refusal to recognize the result” from the Mayer-Rossignol camp, “even when we account for irregularities as we proceed”, according to him. One “inappropriate behavior for the Socialist Party” said Narasiguin “sorry”.

Asked about the offices of Liévin (Pas-de-Calais) and La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis), where Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol supporters pointed to the anomaly, the president of the verification committee remained steadfast: “No irregularities were recorded in the vote” but, in La Courneuve, “interference by someone who presents himself as a scrutineer”. In the end, Corinne Narassiguin mentioned that Olivier Faure “speak” to his two enemies Hélène Geoffroy and Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol for them “offer to meet as soon as possible, starting tomorrow”.

Minutes later, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol produced a powerful counter-attack, also at the press conference, rousing “Election Fraud Practices”. “I will always accept the results of democracy. But I will never accept that democracy is not respected. I have decided not to remain silent about this long-standing practice on PS”, denounced the president of metropolis Rouen. he mentioned “deviations in many places”with “ballots without envelopes, supervisors prevented, ballot boxes replaced with shoe boxes”.

After “political bankruptcy” in holding these elections, which is associated with the leadership of the Party, “can’t guarantee the sincerity of an election, after 3-4 days, only 24,000 voters”Mayer-Rossignol criticized a “moral bankruptcy” from the Olivier Faure camp. For “early evidence”the elected representative from Normandy gave the opportunity to two overseers from Liévin, who made a special mention of attending “22 ballots are already in the ballot box” when they arrive at the polling station.

Also present at the remote press conference, Michael Delafosse, mayor of Montpellier, lamented “coup de force unfolding before our eyes”. “There may not be a PS clan administrator, including the first secretary [Olivier Faure] is the embodimenthe handled.


Shortly before the publication of PS’s official statement, the Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol Refund motion “propose to continue the work of our committee tomorrow with the requested elements (section minutes, signature list etc) to proceed”. However, the examining committee did not wait, which will definitely result in a possible continuation of the soap opera. “Out of respect for our party and its history, out of respect for the militants, we call upon those who imagine that a viable solution is possible.” added a press release from Refondations.

In the process, Patrick Mennucci, former deputy for Bouches-du-Rhône and backing of disillusioned competitor Hélène Geoffroy, lit another fuse. Twitter : “Faurist refused to check the federation’s 38 PS after the Pas-de-Calais and announced the results when 10,000 votes had not yet been passed. We call for the resumption of commissions tomorrow morning to achieve a result that is acceptable to all.. A request repeated by the mayor of Vaulx-en-Velin himself in the evening. According to the bearer of the anti-Nupes motion, eliminated in the first round, its verification commission “the sole authority to communicate official figures on behalf of the Socialist Party”. Geoffroy believed it “management leaving voluntarily chose not to review results from 38 federations” and “again undermined PS’s credibility”.

Meanwhile, Corinne Narassiguin confirmed that “All federations have been studied. All stakeholders have the opportunity to put their topics on the table.” And on this device, it’s just there“very low aberration volume”, don’t question “sound integrity”, according to the head of the vote count in PS.

Renew : at 7pm, with Hélène Geoffroy’s reaction.

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