Science heals the body, art heals the soul

The Lions Club of Cannes Croisette Riviera, in partnership with Simone Veil hospital, offers an unprecedented exhibition of works created by the hospital’s nursing staff as well as artists from Cannes. It is a tribute paid to these women and men who, transcending the boundaries of the hospital universe, offer us moving works, sensitive and intimate images, invitations to travel, explosions of color: a true hymn to life .

Friday January 13th

  • Exhibition opening – From 7pm to 9pm (by invitation)

From January 12 to February 12 – Exhibition

Opening hours: 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 6pm

  • Caregiver skills
    An exhibition honoring the nursing staff of Cannes Simone Veil Hospital and their talents by presenting photographic works of extraordinary beauty and emotion. These photos show the involvement of hospital professionals with patients and users, even beyond their paramedical, medical, administrative or logistical knowledge.
  • Stand
    A series of photographic portraits highlighting nurses from the Simone Veil Hospital of Cannes participating in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in difficult situations. The bias of this project is to present them without their “super hero” costumes. Look at the people, the faces of these “frontline workers” without dresses, masks, stethoscopes, just people.
  • Exhibition of works by internationally renowned Cannes artists
    Exhibitions of modern, contemporary and sometimes esoteric paintings and sculptures, which will take us on a journey through dreams, sensitivity, imagination and deep introspection of our consciousness.. Exhibition of works by artists: Adélia Martins, Mb Cecchi, Dana York, Gunilla, Danno, Valenti, Moncho, Delphine Grèzes, J.Renard.

Funds raised will be donated to Cannes Simone Veil Hospital, several departments that are in need of equipment. Participating Cannes artists will pay 20% of the value of their work if a visitor happens to have one.

Tuesday, January 17 – Drawing contest

  • From 17.30 to 20.00 – Drawing competition Open to all elementary, middle and high school students. Images must represent the work exhibited at Espace Miramar. Students must be equipped with picture material. Snacks and gifts are offered to participants. The winner selected after a jury vote will receive a prize worth approximately 200 euros and will be exhibited in the Miramar room from 20 January 2023.

Tuesday January 24 – The history of Cannes Art through the ages

  • 8 p.m. – Lecture by historian Eric Starck
    Cannes and its light have always attracted the attention of artists. Painters, in particular, were impressed by the wilderness from which they drew inspiration. Among the many brush cuts are some celebrities who put their impressions on canvas: these were the impressionists in the 19th century, then the pointilist and cubist superimposed. Sculptors and ceramics are not left behind.
    Éric Starck who recently published a trilogy Cannes History & Stories will retrace in his conference this epic of the artists who immortalized the city of Cannes.

Friday 10 February – Conference

  • 8 pm – Art therapy conference presented by Adélia Martins
    Adélia Martins, painter, art therapy teacher, author The Mystery of the Soul Brush praised by UNESCO 06, will give us his experience and unlock this therapeutic science which is recognized as a “curative power”, consisting of support in a symbolic journey to serve the development of people towards a better way and which allows a deep transformation of the creative subject. Art therapy can be for all ages, children, adolescents, adults, the elderly. The positive results, especially in young people who are experiencing difficulties, people who have Alzheimer’s disease, people with disabilities or injuries have been tremendous. If art therapy aims to “get better,” it leads to self-esteem, joie de vivre, and even happiness.
  • 8:35 p.m. – Conference on the evolution of restorative medicine and surgery
    Restorative and/or aesthetic medicine and surgery have continued to advance in recent years: reshaping, repairing, recreating the face and body; if it was a need or a dream, it has become a reality and it is not from our modern times: have we not asked ourselves the question whether Nefertiti’s perfect nose or breasts were real? In India, skin grafts have been practiced since 800 BC. The surgical operations of the 15,000 jaws broken during the First World War led doctors and surgeons to more techniques, precision, and applications to beautify our faces and bodies and thus restore health and self-confidence.
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