Relive the women’s landslide victory at Antholz…

1:00 p.m.: Let’s stop there for this women’s relay. We regained our strength long enough to move into the men’s relay, which we doubted was on the same level. Hope I’m wrong, of course. See you on the bus.

12:57 : Aren’t we going to be doing this last shot of Julia Simon’s FO-LIE again? Yes of course.

12:53 p.m. : Germany finished 3rd and celebrated more than Julia, so it’s a multiverse?

12:52 p.m.: WIN!!!! MASTERCLASS IS A TOTAL. Only two options, 45 seconds ahead of Sweden, 2nd.

12:50pm: And on top of that, Chloe did touch Julia during the handover! The threat of punishment disappeared. France will win!

12:50pm: 53 seconds into the future, she’s not even pretending to slow down a bit for now, Julia!

12:47 p.m.: THREE ROOMS! Elvira Oeberg finally came out of it but she was far away. 54 seconds from France, this relay will be PERFECT.

12:47 pm: AND OEBERG CRACKS! TWO VOTE! Thanks for the hard work, the last round will be a formality for Julia Simon!



12:45 p.m. : 22 seconds early for Julia, who didn’t falter. We’ll shake the last shot, all the same. I wish the French woman was calmer than me in front of my TV.

12:42pm: We watch from afar and from above, with some pity, this battle for 3rd place between Norway, Germany and Austria is over a minute behind our national Julia Simon.

12:41pm: YES JULIA! 5/5! Only one left! 5/5 to Elvira Oeberg too. The battle continues between the two best biathletes in the world. But La Française took the Swede’s time, 20 seconds quicker at the launch pad exit.

12:40 p.m. : Ah! Julia took three seconds from Oeberg. You must shoot now.

12:37 : Coming back into the race, Sweden are 12 seconds behind France. Julia no longer has a margin over her runner-up Elvira Oeberg.

12:36 p.m. : Oh no, we’re not going to lose out on that one. What a surrender that wasn’t easy for France… Chloe Chevalier nodded, I didn’t really like that. For now no penalty has been announced.


12:34 pm.: Oh, sick finish from Anna Oeberg which is only 16 seconds away. It will be played between Elvira and Julia Simon this story!

12:31 p.m. : For the podium on the other hand everything is ripe, Germany, 3 is 41 seconds behind Chevalier, Austria, 4.1 minutes.

12:30 pm.: THEY ALL CENTERS FULL OF THESE FOIIIIS!!!! French Chloe Chevalier remains in the lead, Oeberg shoots and slams magic 5/5! It’s coming back real close, getting closer. Just over 27 seconds ahead of Sweden.

12:29 : A standing shot for Chloe, now!

12:28 : Anna Oeberg doesn’t laugh too much on skis, even if it means putting herself in the red before the final shot. It makes breaks in Austria and Italy. He was only 34 seconds away, so he was 10 seconds back from Chloe!

12:24pm: Germany draw once and are taken over by Sweden from Oebergs. Italy came out 2nd 37 seconds behind. Sweden, 3rd (+44) and Austria 4th (+46). We are wide

12:24 pm .: TWO ROPE BUT IN, post back like in football! 5/5 no pickaxe, the French continue their perfection! And besides he shoots really fast, Chloe!

12:23 p.m.: Chloe at the shooting range for the first layer. Come on Chloe, let’s breathe, let’s focus.

12:22 p.m. : The gap continues to widen, 36 seconds ahead for Chloé Chevalier over the German and Italian chasers.

12:19 p.m. : We’re replaying Anais Chevalier’s last shot. Minor scare on the 3rd before recovering. Perfect.

12:18 pm.: Still 30 seconds to go for France in the final intermediate. Anaïs will pass the baton to his sister! Come on Chloe, gotta do like in the sprints! GO GO GO!

12:14pm: France is 30 seconds ahead of Canada and Italy! Terrible Anais.

12:13 p.m.: BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM! 5/5 AND GERMANY DRAW TWICE!!!! Wierer A! It’s a demonstration!

12:12pm: Anaïs Chevalier has 15 seconds over Germany, now 2nd. Italy is 23 seconds away. Between the two, the Canadian continued to lose seconds, as the 4th shot closed in.

12:10 p.m. : I said nonsense, he drew once, my fault. But he still has a lot of progress, on the other hand it is true.

12:07pm: ANAIS THAT TAKES OPTIONS! 5/5, clean. The only undrawn favorite. Canadian Moser appeared at 9 seconds but Germany and Austria were relegated to 20 seconds.

12:01pm: Anaïs Chevalier starts with an 8 second lead over Sweden! But the end of the crazy tricks that Jeanmonnot has played on us! CRAZY

12:00 p.m.: ATTACK ON THE LOU! Only Nothing could keep up, and still! He literally surprised other skiers. Norway, 4th, is 13 seconds away. HARD TO BELIEVE.

11:58 : FAR too strong for competition skiing. He had caught up, he was on Swedish skis, in 2nd place.

11:56 a.m.: He did well going forward, Lou! He drew once but remained 5 seconds off the lead, he was out 4th. A very good first task for the Frenchwoman.

11:55 a.m.: Lou does it again on a climb to cover several tens of meters ahead of the competition. He won Italy and Austria by nearly ten seconds. Master class!

11:55 : There isn’t a big gap either for moments after this first shot. The top 10 is held in 15 seconds.

11:50am: YES LOU ON 5/5! ON THE COLLECTION OF SHOT! The Frenchwoman came out 3rd, three seconds behind Austria, so in the lead group.

11:48 : Ah my bad language, there was a break on the first climb and Lou Jeanmonnot decided to take the peloton himself. he leads.

11:47 a.m : Jeanmonnot is quietly in pole position, in 5th place. This first half was never really exciting, we were just going to wait patiently for the first shot.

11:45am: Bang, bang, let’s go! Number 4 for the French team. We’re counting on Lou to destroy everything on this first assignment.

11:30 a.m.: Minor update on the starting list for the French women’s relay

1) Lou Jeanmonnot

2) Anais Chevalier

3) Chloe Knight

4) Julia Simon aka queen

11:30am: We warm up our skis, just over a quarter of an hour before departure!

08h00: Is biathlix there?

Halooo everyone, ready to shake in front of the French women’s team shot, this Sunday at the end of the morning (11:45) live from Antholz (Italy)? Well, we have to get serious about adjusting targets instead of chasing Saturday, especially if we resurrect Julia Simon’s terrible 13/20 (18). Come on, let’s choose a thesis about accidents, they will suit us perfectly, right? Therefore, the idea is to recover, before Oberhof Worlds (in Germany, from 8 to 19 February), and compete with Germany, Sweden and Italy. All with a team consisting of Lou Jeanmonnot, Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet, Chloé Chevalier and therefore Julia Simon, clearly still at the top of the general World Cup classification. On a good day, he could quickly smile again with such an athlete. Note that you can follow up with the men’s relay which will also be offered to you in person 20 minutes, starting at 2:15 p.m. this Sunday. We will find all this together, for all friends.

Meet us here from 11:30am, with the relay start scheduled for 11:45am.

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