National Education for Cozy Pizza franchisees

Cozy Pizzaselected the best take-out or delivery pizza brands by consumers in 2023 by Capital magazine, acknowledging the quality of its pizza and to the members that make up its network.


The Best Take-Out or Delivered Pizza Brands in 2023.

Joining Cozy Pizza means drawing on the experience of more than 500 employees, franchisees and pizzeria employees, but also from the head of a network of about fifty people.

That Cozy Pizza franchise have a different profile. Many of them want to breathe new life into their careers. This is the case for Marc and Sophie Salman, franchisees at Brive-la-Gaillarde (Nouvelle-Aquitaine). They look back on their successful professional retraining with Pizza Cozy.

The desire to change your life

Prior to entrepreneurship, Marc Salman was a teacher and then a company manager for 12 years. Sophie Salman is a high school Spanish teacher. In their fifties, the two aspire to make a new start by realizing a project together. They then decided to retrain professionally around the same time. Marc Salman explains: “Things made it the perfect time to start together. We saw what was possible to do together, Sophie already has skills in service, we chose catering and more specifically pizzeria ».

The uniqueness of the Cozy Pizza chain

After doing a lot of research, the Salmans chose the pizza they thought was the best. They develop: “We are gourmands and gourmets, the quality of ingredients is a determining factor for us. At Pizza Cozy, we discover not only taste but also the excellence of fresh, seasonal and especially French ingredients ». Marc and Sophie continued their selection based on other important criteria during professional retraining:

  • Training quality
  • Network support.

Choices for Pizza Cozy then round. The network accompanies them at all stages of their project launch:

  • business plan creation,
  • room Search,
  • Assistance in recruiting a team,
  • Communication strategy development.

Marc and Sophie have undergone extensive theoretical and practical training to prepare them for their new profession as pizza makers. They explained: “Franchise is always present, has watched and supported us well, Marc and I are always followed and listened to by Pizza Cozy”.

Successful launch

On October 4, 2022, the the Marc and Sophie franchise officially opened in Brive-la-Gaillarde. It is located a few kilometers from their house. Just two years after the first interview with the head of the network, the Salman couple put their entrepreneurial project into action.

“We wanted a change and we got it, we don’t regret our choice for a second, we work together so it’s like a holiday all the time, then when one gets tired the other takes control. I find it nice and rewarding to get positive feedback from customers, real connection with them, to see customers who come back, who give compliments and are really satisfied, that’s one of the things that motivates us even more. Former students and colleagues even came to have lunch at the restaurant. It’s still very new, but we found it and we really like it ».

Sophie Salman is in charge of the administrative side and Marc takes care of operational management and oversight of the team they have recruited to support them. The two franchisees can also rely on the Cozy Pizza chain when needed. They concluded: “Our team is starting to get really strong. Our days are busy, we start around 9 or 10am, we take a break from 3pm to 5pm then we continue until 11pm generally. We feel at home and we work for us, it is very pleasant ”.

For 2023, Pizza Cozy aims to reach 100 pizzerias, with new openings across France.

Want to breathe new life into your career? Do like Marc and Sophie Salman and join a young and dynamic network like Pizza Cozy.

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