January 20, 2023 – Ukraine: the temptation to hike

In 1943, on the plains of Ukraine, the largest tank battle in history took place. In the prominent Kursk language, the Tiger of Hitler faced T34 from Stalin. Eighty years later, Washington and Warsaw summoned German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to authorize his tank deployment. Leopard in the same place. What’s that The Third World War has begunas one important historian asserted?…

This Friday, January 20, 2023, the American base at Ramstein, near Heidelberg, became for a few hours the capital of the West at war with Russia, eleven months after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

At the invitation of Lloyd Austin, the United States Secretary of Defense, weapons suppliers from Ukraine met at the base in response to President Volodymyr Zelensky’s pressing request for heavy tanks.

Great Britain, which has extricated itself from the European Union in full submission to Washington, has promised a dozen tanks Challenger. That’s all he can do. France, whose industry and army were in disarray, could promise nothing. The United States is only slightly better placed. They are reluctant to send tanks to Ukraine Abrams citing logistical issues. Germany remains. Two thousand heavy tanks Leopard 2 furnishes the various Alliance countries but Berlin prohibits its customers from sending them to other countries without its express permission.

For now, Chancellor Olaf Scholz is rejecting this authorization and stalling for time. He asked the Americans to first send their own tanks to Ukraine… knowing that this would be impossible for them for various reasons.

The conflict between Washington and Berlin

As historian Emmanuel Todd explains, the United States had an existential need to defeat Russia and destroy it in order to consolidate its dominance vis-à-vis the rest of the planet. They know that if they eventually have to make peace with Russia, their reputation will suffer and with it the dollar, whose hegemony rests solely on the general belief in the omnipotence of the American army.

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